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    Coaches Todays Qips and One-liners


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    The team may not be winning many games but they are champions in quips and one-liners. Joker Phillips always has laughter - providing quips for the media and perhaps the same thing for his players. That, no doubt, keeps the team loose. Calm in the face of a storm. Today's quips come from the coordinators.

    * This post-practice procedure calls for a podium for the coaches this season. Randy Sanders: "I'm not a podium guy." When asked if he wanted to remove the podium he said - "Naw, I like seperation."

    * "I told Jalen (Whitlow) he's going to be tired everyday when he comes off the field because I need to get him every rep we can."

    * Is Morgan (Newton) going to be handing off every rep? "Now you want me to get into the game plan" (laughter).

    * "Maybe the two interceptions in the South Carolina has made him (Whitlow) a little hesitant to pull the trigger and maybe that's what happened Saturday."

    * Rick Minter: On time of possession Minter said - "We are not getting off the field on third; not creating turnovers; we keep playing defense until the other team runs out of time or space. When we get off the field it changes time of possession, changes score, and the offense gets more opportunities. It's a game of arithmetic, Bill (Clinton) said."

    What's your (team) health status? "I feel fine. Unfortunately they don't need me out there" (laughs)."

    * On the Blaylock twins Minter was asked, obviously you don't want two freshmen out there beside one another?
    "WHY NOT. I hope there's some carry over from their infancy years. They're going to be good football players and I hope it is as soon as Saturday. When you are young you are young. Everybody was young at one time and a star is born every day."

    * Minter was asked about the devastating injuries and how he is dealing with it.
    "It is just life. Whether it's Murphy's Law for this team right now, who knows? What are you going to do. Wallow in self pity or make lemonade out of the lemons dealt us."

    So much has happened over on that side of the ball, is there anything you feel good about right now? "I'm about to eat lunch right now" (laughs).

    Mike Cassity: On being young in the secondary, Cassity said - "Joker asked me originally if I was used to coaching young guys. I said yeah. When I first went to Marshall both my corners were true freshman. You know what, nobody really cares about that. We don't care what class; We don't care what color; We don't care what height; We don't care what year. So that's the way I approach it."
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    Re: Coaches Todays Qips and One-liners

    Thanks, Lonny. Some of it is funny because it's true, some of it's just funny, some of it makes me a little sad .

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    Re: Coaches Todays Qips and One-liners

    Quote Originally Posted by Darrell KSR View Post
    some of it makes me a little sad .



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