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  1. MY UK Wildcats 2013/14. A special BBN Thanks for taking us there.

    Having been asked by rival fans more or less, just what did the UK mens basketball team accomplish by being runner up to UConn in the title game? No 40/0 and no season mending national championship trophy to point to when referencing the attention you apply to a game you yourself have no actual part in? (Like they are any different)

    Well, guess I can explain in my own kind of way, and I do so hope it sickens the tummy of any detractors there are out there. If but for a short time ...
  2. Some Tempo-Free Quick Hitters

    Not sure any of this matters at this point, because Aaron Harrison. But here are some quick tempo-free thoughts on the tourney so far for UK, and tomorrow night's game.

    --UConn's calling card is defense: they're 10th nationally in Defensive Efficiency. But from a Defensive Efficiency standpoint, this will be only the 2nd-best defense UK plays in the tourney. U of L ranks 4th nationally in DE, and UK scored 1.16 points/possession in defeating the Cardinals. Also, Wichita State ranks ...
  3. A Tempo-Free Look at Kansas State

    So who are these other Wildcats from Manhattan, KS UK will be facing tonight? In many ways, they're the polar opposite of Kentucky--and that can be a good thing for the Wildcats from Lexington.

    Kansas State's Tempo:
    The other Wildcats don't play fast. Their average possession length is about 19 seconds, which ranks 246th in the country. KState's average game had 65 possessions, which ranks 228th nationally.

    Generally, KSU doesn't do as well if the game gets ...

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  4. Thoughts

    Quote Originally Posted by Genuine Realist View Post
    (1) I think losses that break the rhythm of a season are a lot harder to take than others. After UK decimated Mississippi at Oxford, I thought the corner had been turned. But with this tea, turn a corner, and what you find is another corner. So lousy play against LSU (at home, yet), redeemed by a beater-buzzer finish. OK, NOW we've got it - and then another horrible game.

    (2) It gets old to say 'youth', but that doesn't make it any less truthful. On one point, the jury is in - completely:
  5. Tremendous Video

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeeepcat View Post
    I cried.

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