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  • Liam Coen Pitts His Strength Against Mike Leach's Strength

    The big blue Wall that features a strong running attack is looking to get back on track with the running of Chris Rodriquez and company. The Wildcats is likely given the improvement of Will Levis over the last two games if UK can get back to their play-action game attack. So for the Bulldogs will look to throw a monkey wrench in that plan because they are strong against the run.

    Mike Leach plans to keep the Wildcats off-balance defensively with a 3-3-5 stack defense mixed in with occasional tempo. "They have done some very good things in all phases," Mark Stoops said. Offensively this year, it is really no surprise to anybody to see the improvement." The Air Raid is not an offense you see very often so the off week comes at a good time. A lot of film study is likely to be taking place in preparation for that offense. And likewise, the unusual defense. It's like playing the old Georgia Tech under the previous coach, something you don't see very often.

    The trip to Mississippi State has historically been tough sledding for the Wildcats. The last win there came in 2008 when Randall Cobb led them to a 14-13 win. State's defense is rated fourth in the SEC this season. Based on last season's 24-2 pasting, it is likely they will come into Kroger with revenge on their minds. The Wildcats collected 6 interceptions, one a pick-6, last season they are not very likely to get this season.

    Mark Stoops' by-line is as usual non-specific "We will see" when he doesn't want to talk about injuries. On the availability
    of Josh Ali and Marquan McCall, he said - "We will see. I feel like there's a chance, yes." Although today Levis said Ali looked good in practice and showing speed.

    Coen said not to minimize their defensive front he said he doesn't expect them to put as much pressure on Levis as Georgia did. He said - "At times it appeared Georgia was sending seven," Coen said(laughter). "Will is continuing the manage the game and get better with reps in the starting role."

    Mississippi State runs a lot of crossing routes which puts a high premium on open-field tackling. Up to now, that has been a strength of the UK's corners.
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    1. CitizenBBN's Avatar
      CitizenBBN -
      Great write up Lonny. We really need to win this and UT to solidify this season as a structural step up the ladder.
    1. kingcat's Avatar
      kingcat -
      We need paybacks for playing poorly at Georgia. We are better than we showed.
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