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  • Mark Stoops’ is Looking for Their Voice Before the Opener


    Vince Marrow once said that Stoop’s mom charged him with the responsibility of taking care of her boy sic sic. That showed a level of leadership that even though in jest is leadership qualities.

    Stoops is looking for the leadership he wants to lead the team going into the first game against The Toledo Rockets.

    Stoops knows that a level of leadership is paramount for an opener. Many openers are shabby in execution and shabby play.
    Define it as it may, Stoops is looking for the veterans That experienced what the departed set in order. Define I as it may, that is a huge part of the culture Stoops talked about building at Kentucky. These returning player got a strong look at hard work will do.

    Eddie Gran was asking what you do to keep the player’s emotions in check in the first game of the season? He said he thinks the player take their que from him. Gran said this means – “I don’t get to high or to low and the players see this and accordingly. I told my running backs today we are not playing the game today. I want them to hold their emotions until game day. They’ve got to know when to let it go.”
    He said this year he a little bit different with Terry Wilson. “This is his team,” Gran said. “If he has a bad play you forget it and move on to the next. The leadership on the offensive side of the ball will come from Bowden and the offensive line. Bowden will lead the receiver group.

    Gran said he doesn’t think this team will lose its mind (control their emotions) Gran said the older players will fortify the group, Logan Stenberg, Landon Young, and Lynn Bowden. The main man of that offensive group is Drake Jackson who firstly is an excellent football player and his size strengthens his play because of leverage. You don’t 6-foot-5 or 6 centers. Jackson really is a big man at 6-foot-2 313-pounds. Gran said his running back corps handle themselves like veterans. “I really like the way they carry themselves,” Gran stated.
    Stoops said he has an IQ teat every Monday. He said he takes cutups from other games to show them the other team mistakes. Certain position’s need to step up without excuses.
    The thing with play the MAC teams is the are always mentally and because of there veteran situation. They usually have a bunch of seniors on the field.
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