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  • SEC Football Recruiting in Full Swing and Kentucky Right in the Middle of it.

    Welcome to the world of bigtime football. I will further explain that declaration later in this dissertation.

    The inimitable Phil Steele of whom I wrote about a couple of week ago has in the last couple of years fallen into that pit of ambivalent slime. I still maintain for the average UK football pundit his publication is an education in the world of college football.

    I donít hesitate to say it is as thorough as possible in leaving no stone unturned.

    Though I donít yet but likely will have one in my possession in the near future. I havenít yet perused any of the other football publication and wonít because without viewing I already know what they are saying. I personally think they are all copy-Cats, mind you I didnít say plagiarizers. The majority of the print media have never a played a down of organized football.

    Steeleís 2018 prediction had the Wildcats pre-season was fifth in the SEC East and favored in only four games.

    I understand he has the Cats to miss a bowl entirely this

    The Big Dog in no uncertain terms states he is POíd at those writers making those outlandish predictions. In his room of tight ends alone the overall talent is the best that ever been at the University of Kentucky.

    Mark Stoops said his team has gotten better every year since heís been at Kentucky and he doesnít expect to take a step back this season.

    What we are seeing nationally is that itís hard to fathom a UK football team absorbing the losses they took and not take a huge step backwards.

    Stoops said they are focusing on what they loss and not what they have coming back. When you peruse the roster now, the symbol RS is plentiful much like the when James Franklin took over the Vanderbilt program and two of the three years there his team went 9-4 catapulting his into the Penn State job.

    In a case study of the UK coaching staffs over the years I have gleaned they generally paint the most positive picture for the public that they can. That generally starts on national signing day.

    This is not the case with Mark Stoops and his staff. But letís focus on Stoops.
    We as media are in attendance at the end of every practice session gathered around the podium. When he and his team break post practice huddle he begins to along with media relationís Tony Neely make their way across the field towards us.

    From forty or less yards, itís generally predictable what heís going to opine. Why, because he wears his feelings on his sleeve. He strongly leaves no doubt when it stinks and conversely when itís good and acceptable.

    Itís basically the same throughout the entire staff. They all leave their helium tanks at home.

    Why am I so descriptive of that phenomenon? Glad you asked. In the face of all the ambivalence Stoops said they will have a good team and heís saying the same thing this year. With that Iíll let you attach what that means to you

    Now back to my initial opening statement. Big Dog and the rest of the staff are now fishing in much deeper waters on the recruiting trail. Itís now bigtime football world where commits, decommitts, and all sort of wrangling takes place.

    The Canadian native 4-star defensive tackle one committed now flipped to Florida and that's what occurs everyday all over the south. Conversely an Alabama decommit is looking strong strong to come Kentucky's way. Kentucky just received a commitment from Alabama lineman Joshua Jones 6-foot-5, 299-pounds.

    Seemingly everything is being used against to slow down the recruiting train, negative season predictions included.

    Thereís a football clichť that says ďHard work outworks talent when talent donít work hard.Ē That was indicative of last yearís football team because if you go by the recruiting rankings many of the teams UK defeated on paper had more raw talent.

    Now putting aside the football magazines and focusing on what can be deemed creditable to the laymen follower.

    When the SEC network people speak then start to listen because most of them have played the game at a high level and know what they are seeing Ė Cole Cubelic, Chris Doering, Marcus Spears, Matt Stinchcomb, Andre Ware, Greg McElroy, Gene Chizik, Bogger McFarland whoís now is with ESPN. Cubelic and Stinchcomb covered UKís spring game and nothing but good things to say about UKís talent on the field. Stinchcomb (former Georgia star) said if he was a UK fan he would be jacked.