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  • Jemarl Baker confident, ready to compete

    # 13, Jemarl Baker, R-Fr., G

    On getting strength back in his knee
    It was definitely tough to get it back. It was something that I havent ever been through before but I enjoyed the process. I just got to look at basketball in a different perspective, so now Im ready to go and Ill be better this year.

    On what was enjoyable about the process
    Just being able to watch practice, watch the games. Just being able to experience everything from I guess a front-row seat. It was just good and it prepared me.

    On when he realized the knee problem was going to keep him out for season
    I guess after surgery. My knee, or not even my knee, my whole leg was really little so I just knew it was going to be a whole big process for me to just get strength back in my leg. The first month or so it wasnt getting too big so I just knew it was going to take a little bit.

    On his confidence level after the injury
    I feel great. Ive been working out ever since Ive been back. My shot feels good. My game feels good, so I am just ready to get out there and play.

    On if hes excited or worried about competing for playing time with the amount of guards on this team
    Im excited. You come to Kentucky you know you are going to have to compete. Guys coming in every year so its not a big deal to me. I love to compete and thats why Im here.

    On if hes excited about Calipari saying he wants shooters everywhere on the court this season
    Yeah, for sure. That is why I came here last year. Just unfortunately I wasnt able to do it. Im just really excited for this year, excited to play and excited to help the team win.
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    1. dan_bgblue's Avatar
      dan_bgblue -
      Loved his answers.
    1. KeithKSR's Avatar
      KeithKSR -
      Quote Originally Posted by dan_bgblue View Post
      Loved his answers.
      I expect this kid to be better than advertised.
    1. DanISSELisdaman's Avatar
      DanISSELisdaman -
      I don't know how good his D will be, and IMO that's the key to whether he gets much playing time or not. I'm not worried about his shooting. From all I have seen he is lights out in that category!
    1. CitizenBBN's Avatar
      CitizenBBN -
      He. Can. Shoot.

      I love him.
    1. catmanjack's Avatar
      catmanjack -
      If he can play D he could get quite a bit of time. Just worried his D and quickness will hold him back.
    1. kingcat's Avatar
      kingcat -
      Quote Originally Posted by catmanjack View Post
      If he can play D he could get quite a bit of time. Just worried his D and quickness will hold him back.
      I dont think he is limited physically so much in those areas, but maybe mentally. If there were a knock on him from my perspective its that he takes a play off every now and then. And he tends to be a streak shooter who can make several in a row from anywhere, and maybe takes a very bad one here and there too.

      He is not going to be the guy who takes the ball away and scores off his defense. But he didn't seem to get beaten in the half court playing team defense the games I watched.

      Your questions are good ones Id say but unanswered at this point either way.
    1. Terminus's Avatar
      Terminus -
      Good stuff, look forward to seeing him on the floor. Whether or not he can defend at a level to suit Cal coming off the injury I dont know, but the young man can flat knock it down from range. There wont be any sagging off to clog the lane with him on the floor offensively.
    1. catmanjack's Avatar
      catmanjack -
      King thanks I know you seem to like Baker, Like shooters and that's what UK has lacked recently so I hope Baker gets a real shot to show what he can do.