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  • Stoops Intends to Empty the tank Against the Missouri Tigers


    Mark Stoops said they have had a good week of practice and it has been tough. Consequently they felt the need to bone up on their toughness, in particular in the offense line. Because of his concentrating on those that are on the practice field, Stoops chooses to stay mum on the nature of his injury list, Ala Jordan Jones and Charles Walker.

    The coach has a lot of confidence in his squad when it comes to qualified body's. A couple of games ago Stoops said they played twenty-four players on defense in crunch time. That number seems to be growing in that they played nine-players on the interior line in the last game. This depth on the defensive side will be a plus against the Missouri Tigers.

    “We've been practicing physically on the offensive line,” Stoops expressed in his explanation to be more cohesive. “We've been fooling around with different rotations (8-players).” He said they intend to still use combinations on the line including the center position. “We need to increase the number of snaps in the game.” Though the Cats got five seconds more position time (30:05 – 29:55) they got ten less plays 74-64.

    This is a team that runs a tempo offense which tends to test the stamina of a team. “It's nears impossible to substitute during a series,” Stoops said. The UK defense has it's hands full getting to the quarterback because they have allowed only 24-sacks on the season. Quarterback Drew Lock gets the ball out quick which puts pass rusher in peril.

    The Wildcats on Offense:
    Run the football
    Get in the offense in third and short
    Keep your defense off the field
    Set up play-action
    Use the very good tight end play the Cats possess
    Take care of the football (turnovers) +7 on the season.

    The Wildcats on Defense:
    Continue to stop the run – Third in the conference
    Force field goals in the red zone
    Swarm to the football
    Get the first pick-six in two years.

    Special teams:
    Special teams coach Dean Hood said he has talent on the teams
    What is a good number in net punting? Hood said 40- yards – UK's 40.4.
    Speed on coverage teams but stay in your lane
    Continue to utilize the passion of Charles Moushey on cover teams
    Good hang time on punts
    Lynn Bowden caught a lot of punts on Wednesday.
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    1. Darrell KSR's Avatar
      Darrell KSR -
      I'm excited about the game tonight....it's a big one for Kentucky. Win today, and we are 5-1 with a 2-1 mark in the SEC, and have two weeks to heal up for the tough road match vs Mississippi State, and then return to face a failing Tennessee team in Lexington, and another one in Ole Miss. Our record could be outstanding by then, and then we'll face a tougher-than-most-think road trip to Nashville then UGA in Athens before finishing the season hosting Louisville.

      Gotta win the ones we should win, and it begins today.
    1. BigBluePappy's Avatar
      BigBluePappy -
      Gotta win the ones we should win, and it begins today

      Shoulda, coulda, woulda beat Florida and we would be ranked, rolling and energized as team and a fanbase.
      We have the talent to be a pretty special team, IF our Coach will allow them.
      Oh, and throw the dang ball to the tight end from time to time...
    1. wes011's Avatar
      wes011 -
      Great post Darrell and completely agree. Win what we should win and we could have a great year. Get some help and we are still in the thick of things.
    1. Terry Blue's Avatar
      Terry Blue -
      Lost a close one to Fla but folks most of our wins have been razor thin last 2 years
    1. UKRxman93's Avatar
      UKRxman93 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Terry Blue View Post
      Lost a close one to Fla but folks most of our wins have been razor thin last 2 years
      You are right about the margins Terry, can’t disagree, BUT the game didn’t have to be that way. In that case, the coaches did tighten up somewhat and I think it ultimately lead to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Yes we are still in a good spot if we take care of business today, but don’t know if I’ll ever get over being there to witness us handing Florida that game. I was there in 93 in the end zone for Doering’s winning play. So many missed opportunities, but I digress.
    1. Terry Blue's Avatar
      Terry Blue -
      I watch a lot of college football, and leaving 2 receivers open in one game was excessively not cool, but almost every game teams are caught with 10 or 12 men on the field, organizational problems like that. Also, we look at missed opportunities for OUR team only, while fans of the opposing teams can point to their own mistakes. Basically it is what it is. We,re not dominant enough to blow anyone away but this year we,ve won 4 close ones and lost 1
    1. wes011's Avatar
      wes011 -
      I don't care if we win by 1 point....a win is a win
    1. Darrell KSR's Avatar
      Darrell KSR -
      Quote Originally Posted by wes011 View Post
      I don't care if we win by 1 point....a win is a win
    1. kybobcat's Avatar
      kybobcat -
      • Run the football
      • Get in the offense in third and short
      • Keep your defense off the field

      The first two seem to be mutually exclusive.
    1. Catfan73's Avatar
      Catfan73 -
      Lonnie, you didn’t say we were going to empty the tank by siphoning all of the gas out of it.
    1. Catonahottinroof's Avatar
      Catonahottinroof -
      I think the tank was empty just before halftime.
      Then Red Bull's powered the second half...
    1. badrose's Avatar
      badrose -
      I got the impression we were pretty banged up last night. Seemed like every other play someone was limping off the field. Looked like a lot of it was cramping.
    1. KeithKSR's Avatar
      KeithKSR -
      Looked like we were running on fumes last night. Need this off week to get guys healthy.
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