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  • Joker has his new Twitter ban, promises to play more young players


    Changes on and off the field are coming at Kentucky following the 32-14 loss at Louisville Sunday. First, UK coach Joker Phillips has instituted his own 20-hour rule when it comes to Twitter.

    “We’re going to have a 20-hour rule before and a 20-hour rule after (games),” said Phillips Wednesday after practice. “It’s kids being kids, trying to be funny. So we’ll have a 24-hour rule on both ends of the game.”

    After Sunday’s game freshman punter Landon Foster said he knew he made a mistake trying to be funny when he tweeted that he “found Florida’s trash dump” after arriving in Louisville. Freshman running back Dyshawn Mobley expressed his dissatisfaction with his lack of playing time in the game in a postgame tweet.

    Next, Phillips is changing the depth chart. He’s promoted senior Aaron Boyd and freshman Daryl Collins to No. 1 at wide receivers and moved Malcolm McDuffen back ahead of Tyler Brause at linebacker after criticizing UK’s linebacker play at Louisville.

    “There is always adjustment to the depth chart. There is competition every week. People don’t understand, if a kid’s a practice, he’s competing,” Phillips said. “Some of these guys that have been practicing deserve a chance to play because of what we saw (against Louisville). They’re going to play.

    “You see the draft, when (NFL) teams draft kids. They draft them to come play for them. It’s the same with recruiting. The thing we always get into: He’s young, he’s inexperienced – but he’s talented. Then put him out there and let him play.”

    He indicated freshman linebackers Khalid Henderson and Pancho Thomas would both play.
    “A couple of the secondary guys will line up and play,” Phillips said.

    Freshmen cornerbacks Fred Tiller and  J.D. Harmon played last week and freshman safety Daron Blaylock could get his first time against Kent State Saturday night.

    “What’s the difference? You give up 460-something yards (to Louisville) and you are a junior, why not put a freshman in there and see if we can give up 400 (with a guy) that’s more talented than those guys. They deserve to play. They’ll get an opportunity, but we’ve got to simplify it for them,” Phillips said.

    “Lining up was an issue (at Louisville). Competing was an issue. You don’t give up 460 yards and all those things not be issues. They don’t run for 200-plus, throw for 200-plus without all those things being an issue.”
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    1. dan_bgblue's Avatar
      dan_bgblue -
      Defense is not rocket science, or it should not be made that difficult for the players. It is tough to play when you are still thinking about what and where when the ball is snapped.