This the place to discuss the more contentious events of the day but this is NOT going to be a place to talk smack, disrespect each other, or engage in baiting and sniping.

There are plenty of places for that on the internet. To be blunt, if people can't behave themselves here we'll be forced to do away with all policy and other news discussion that even sniffs of policy discussion.

Know that if you post here you will be moderated closer than on the other boards. It's your choice, but there wont' be any whining either.

There it is folks. There's a place for good discussion on matters of the day, but if this becomes what it has become on the Front Porch we'll end it.

Addition for our new home:

I've seen some tone that is very close to being moderated already guys. This is the most difficult time for this board, the heat of a Presidential election, so please everyone remember we're all UK fans and Americans and friends here and treat each other with individual respect even in the midst of disagreement.

Specifically be careful to not say "anyone who thinks that is an idiot" type of things. That's still a personal attack. This is for reasoned discussion, not name calling, even indirect name calling.

We allow more pure political discussion during the election cycle mostly b/c it's inevitable, and created this board to be the place for it to keep it off the other boards, but let's still try to stick to policy and the issues where we can. Plenty of places out there to discuss pure politics and go at each others throats.