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    For you lawyers out there

    Does it bother you that the closed circuit tapes from Jan 6 were withheld from the defendants?

    With the release of them on Tucker Carlson, you can see "the other side". Yes, he cherry picked, but isn't that exactly what the Jan 6th commission did? They cherry picked and edited to present the worse case, the scenes of violence. But regardless, does the defense not have the right to exculpatory evidence? And does the government have the right to withhold it? I know my opinion is bias, and I have always felt the violence of Jan 6 was way overblown, especially in the wake of the BLM violence where people's businesses and property was destroyed, and the criminals given a pass in the name of social justice. I ama surprised there is not more outrage within the lawyer community. I would hold the same opinion if those antifa people who stormed and burned Lafayette Park were denied video that may have helped them had they been charged. I always felt one of the key tennants of our judicial system was the idea that evidence couldd not be withheld from the defense regardless. Seems pretty clear that was the case here guised under the idea it would somehow potentily endanger the security of the capital in the future. So does such an agreement trump an accused access to the full video?
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    Re: For you lawyers out there

    Given that people were criminally charged, if there was any evidence I'm sure it was asked for in discovery and if it was not turned over by the government I presume they committed a crime in doing so.

    As for the violence, obviously what happened was illegal and wrong, but I do think 2 years of letting cities burn and the media and many if not most government entities tacitly supporting it so long as it was done by leftists led to a lot of the backlash that culminated in Jan 6th.

    For years we have been told that "protesting" is still acceptable if it includes arson, vandalism, theft and illegal taking of all kinds. No surprise that more and more people on both sides are now seeing that as acceptable behavior.

    We now have lawyers for SPLC (which has become a leftist advocacy organization) actively taking part in violent attacks on property and police. It's not getting better, it's getting worse.

    How about this novel solution? We arrest and prosecute anyone who is committing a crime regardless of what they claim to be representing ideologically while committing it? That would seem to be fair and send the right message to extremists on all sides. March all you want, but when you start to break and burn things you're going to jail, on the right or the left.

    I will be curious to hear what our attorneys think of the evidentiary rules in this case, both for the criminal prosecutions and then obviously the political ramifications of withholding information.
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