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    My Revised Prediction

    In late July my season prediction was 8-4 and trending. The reason for trending was I needed to see the starting quarterback function in the new offense. It's mattered not who the quarterback was going to be because I felt with the talent at the position, UK was going to be a winner. Now I have seen enough to go to a solid 9-3 and tending. The trending part is that often UK will win an unexpected game and stumble on one they should have won. Maybe this won't be the year for that to happen. Other than Georgia's defensive power-house, I don't see anyone else on the Wildcat's schedule that they can't line up and go head to head with.

    Now that I have seen Will Levis, I see a true winner. He has the tools to be such a person. As I have stated, I'm not ready to pour anointment oil on him yet. I will know enough about him after Saturday night's game against the chirping Missouri Tigers. As good as Levis is, there are still some small things to work out to be the best quarterback in the league.

    I think after Saturday the schedule sets up for him to get the kinks worked out.

    UK's veteran defense gives the offense the ball enough to grow sharper claws. In the meantime the defense showed their metal in holding a team to less that 100-yards in 25-years (1988).

    I also wanted to see how the starting quarterback absorbed the Liam Coen offense that in many ways would be very different from what the returning players had been accustom to. The players appear to have adapted well so far. There's more in the Coen toolbox than what we witnessed Against ULM.

    Mark Stoops and Liam Coen said there was hidden yards left on the field Saturday. Coen said they could rushed for more yards than they did. This sets up the fact that the Missouri could have Chris Rodriquez cleat marks up their chest.

    The BBN has yet to see all of UK's playmaker parade. Mike Drennen ll joined an already loaded backfield. In the absence of JuTahn McClain he brings that versatility Coen Likes to use in his offense. Drennen played a year as receiver and now is back at running back where he played throughout high school - he is now back at home. Stoops said he has that top end and that twitch that makes him dangerous with the ball in his hands.

    Another take off-the-top guy is wide receiver Isaiah Epps who is ready the show why UK brought him to Kentucky from 3,500 student Jenks High School in Oklahoma. Epps has battled a foot injury most of his career and is now a senior and healthy.

    This is a team that is together as a family with no straying off the do his thing, separately. Epps said as long as he does what he is supposed to do he trust the man on the right and the man on the on the left to do their jobs also and they will be a winner.

    Coen wants the backs to Green Dog for Levis to be at his best. Kentucky 34, Missouri 20.

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    Re: My Revised Prediction

    Good points!



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