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    Practice notes for 9/17

    * Eddie gran expressed a high level of satisfaction in his quarterback Sawyer Smith which we have said Kentucky can win with Smith going forward.
    * Gran was asked how he adjusted to the cowbells in practice today. He responded HUH, What did you say, joshing with the media.
    * He said he thinks it's great because it forces the players to concentrate on their business. He said he thought they (the players) did a heck of a job today. "I was very proud of them.
    * Gran said a couple of mistakes Smith made he showed a lot of courage and came back and made up for them.
    * Smith gained a lot of respect from his coaches and players with the way after he threw the interception and turned and ran the Florida player down to prevent him from scoring.
    * Among the several running technique things in short yardage the bottom thing is "You've have to be a full grown man.
    * Gran said self-scout on himself in short-yardage runs and implied Chris Rodriquez could play a roll in that situation.
    * He said Rodriquez has earned the right to be there in not just short-yardage but in the whole of the game. "When go through a twelve game and hopefully a 13-game schedule we need him. We need to get him back in the game a get his confidence back."
    * Drake Jackson said of Smith running the Florida defensive back down, "It's a team thing was, we play to the whistle."
    * Vince marrow said he likes the game early because opposing schools use a lot of things against them. "That atmosphere was electric Saturday night and the recruits need to see that," the coach said. "I've played a lot of places and that was one of the best."
    * Marrow said what really impressed him was he really wasn't sure of what they had until they competed against a quality SEC team. "We had a lot of young guys that are going to play on that stage and until we played an SEC team, now I know what we have," an encouraged Marrow said. "We had a lot of young guys step up I'm very encouraged by what I saw."
    * As far as a relapse, "I'm telling you guys this ain't the old Kentucky, we are built for this Vince Marrow said. "I see a lot of pissed off guys in that locker room and when you lose a game like that you want to play again two days later." He said he's been tell the media about Ahmad Wagner and he's still yet to reach his peak.
    * "Kansas State who defeated MS at Davis Wade Stadium, "I hate it but they are similar to us a hard-nosed blue collar team. It's going to be a physical game."

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    Practice notes for 9/17

    Really good notes, Lonny, thanks.

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    Re: Practice notes for 9/17

    Thanks for posting, good read.

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    Re: Practice notes for 9/17

    Great stuff. Thanks Lonny.

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    Re: Article: DEMAREE: Kentucky Football Practice notes for 9/17

    This makes me feel good about Saturday



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