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    That time of year again...Survival game is here

    Elimination (or Survival) game: Each week you pick ONE SEC team to win. Its that simple. There are no points, no spreads. Just pick the winner. HOWEVER in the following weeks you can not re-use a team. So if you pick GA to win in week 1 then you can not use GA in week 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 etc. If you pick MS in week 2 you can not use GA or MS in weeks 3 or 4 or 5 or 6. We will only be playing INTRACONFERENCE GAMES. (This means the first week everybody will be playing the GA vs Vandy game--unless you TFP/DS) If the team you pick loses (GA) then you get a strike. Three strikes and you are out of the game. This game requires you to play from week one. If you miss a week you get to use your Ten Foot Pole the first time, and the second time you take an auto-strike, (and an automatic strike means the strike PLUS YOU ARE ASSIGNED A TEAM THAT YOU HAVE NOT USED THAT DID PLAY AND LOST, AND IS THE HIGHEST RANKED TEAM FROM YOUR UNUSED LIST). The last person standing wins. Going to throw some twist in this year so pay attention! All teams will be used meaning you will have 14 picks and 14 weeks, but I am giving one Ten Foot Pole/DOUBLE SHOCK week. You can SKIP ONE WEEK but the FOLLOWING WEEK YOU MUST PICK TWO GAMES. So you can have ONE bye week followed by a DOUBLE PICK at YOUR discretion. You can to do it once and only once during the season. As we get later in the year I might modify the game a bit to get to a single overall winner but fear not, after about 8 weeks it gets hard and by week 10 I don't expect too many to be surviving. We may do a redux midway thru the year if we get lots of folks flunking out early. Any irregularities (ie game cancelled, etc) will be determined by myself as needed. Most often it will require those affected to make an extra "double pick" the following week.

    Also it is up to the player to keep track of teams used. I will try to make sure you don't reuse the same team, and keep a running post, but sometimes I miss a double play. If you do double play, and we don't catch it..... will have to DOUBLE PLAY the following week. I trust that most are on the honor system because its a game. Likewise, if you don't get your pick in at kick off but you have not seen the game or score..have no knowledge of the action...go ahead and pick. Because its a game!

    So now is the time to ask question or suggest game modifications.

    Week 1 has 1 game
    Week 2 has 1 game
    Week 3 has 2 games.
    Week 4 has 5 games
    Week 5 has 4 games
    Week 6 has 3 games
    Week 7 has 6 games
    Week 8 has 7 games
    Week 9 has 5 games
    Week 10 has 4 games
    Week 11 has 4 games
    Week 12 has 6 games
    Week 13 has 3 games
    Week 14 has 5 games

    So yes, everybody will be playing GA vs Vandy in week one and
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    Re: That time of year again...Survival game is here

    Awesome! It sucks to have to use Georgia so early but I would trade the loss in exchange for seeing Vandy beat them.

    Week one: Georgia
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    Re: That time of year again...Survival game is here

    I reckon I'll pick Georgia in week one...



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