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    Re: FBI opened Investigation on Trump as possible Russian agent

    The FBI is a corrupt, political organization, and is no longer a fair and equitable law enforcement agency.

    7 facts from the Russian probe.

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    Re: FBI opened Investigation on Trump as possible Russian agent

    The FBI was corrupted at least under the Obama administration, which makes sense when you consider we KNOW the IRS was also taking political action, then ATF and Fast and Furious (with the first AG ever held in contempt for not turning over documents), the EPA water grab, etc.

    It's a long list but there are some obvious, key scandals there that clearly were political in nature. To this day I think ATF was intentionally arming the Mexican cartels with US guns in order to make the case for gun control, b/c there is no way anyone is as stupid as they were in how they did things.

    So now put the FBI and DOJ on the list. It's a pretty clear pattern of behavior.
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