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    College Football - Go Figure with Vanderbilt Coming to Kroger Field

    This is a strange year, to say the least. Perhaps Kentucky Wildcats needs to have another off week. UK has an off week and in the AP poll they move up four spots to number 14. When has there ever been a time when under the circumstances the Wildcats had that luxury?
    In Kentucky’s case, this season things are normal, or some may say abnormal. It obviously is predicated on what happened in the games since Thursday. Several teams ranked ahead Kentucky suffered defeat.
    Some may say strangely the Florida Gators ahead of the Wildcats but looking at the games already played. Kentucky defeated Florida in the swamp but the Gators and defeated LSU at home. The also defeated Mississippi State in Starkville which in my mind has becoming one of the toughest places to play. I can still hear those cowbells ringing in my ears.
    The Cats are coming off an off week in which they have had time to heal bruised bodies and bruised egos. In many conversations with the BBN there are lots of fans that wanted to throw the baby out with the bath water and start all over. One would think they can duplicate the first half of the South Caroline game.
    However there may be some legitimate questions that need to be asked - #1) Was it just a bad game for Terry Wilson or was it the opponent; #2) Was the offensive line having a sub-par day; #3) Have teams figured out the Wildcat offense?; #4) Was Eddie Gran to predictable?; Below are some points brought out in Stoops’ presser today.
    • Drake Jackson needed the off week to heal and the player that couldn’t have played if they were playing last Saturday. “He couldn’t have played,” Stoops said. “There were a lot of people banged up and benefited from the week off.
    • Stoops said he expects to have Naasir Watkins back to help at left tackle.
    The Secondary – The secondary has played well as a group Mark Stoops said since this is his bailiwick.
    Mike Edwards is instinctive and makes few mistakes; “I’m happy with the five guys back there; I played so many of these guy as true freshmen and I wish I had some of them back; They have really matured,” Stoops said.
    • Stoops singled out Darius West – Why is Darius West so respected by his team in the secondary? “I mentioned this last week,” Stoops said. “He is the kind of guy that when he talks people kind of listens to him,” Stoops explained. “When he speaks he kind of has an edge about him. To them he is probably down right frightening. When he gets serious that comes out of him. I’m am proud him fighting through all the things (injuries) he has come through and his moody days. He has redirected that to the field and he can thump you.”
    • Recently Mike Edwards was asked about West’s play. He said – “That’s my boy. We came in together. I’m a little more laid back but he will tear your face off.”
    • Jamar “Boogie” Watson Stoops said has stepped up and is playing well and needs to keep to stepping his game up. Stoops said his linebackers are playing well. The coach said there will be some opportunities for Kash Daniel and freshman Chris Oats to play together. “Kash is another guy that plays hard and can get bruised up.”
    • Given the developments at the linebacker position they have developed a good rotation of linebackers but Josh (Allen) does not like to come out of the game he is so well conditioned.
    • Stoops explained his wide receiver situation. He said some tweaks have been made but they don’t want to put too many things on them in the interest of playing fast rather than thinking too much. There have been some shuffling players to get Zy’Aire Hughes involved.
    • Stoops said Josh Paschal is progressing well and he is very, very good form the procedure performed on his foot. The coach said in a couple of weeks he could have a smile on his face. He is presently doing some light running.
    Vanderbilt will be a tough challenge because they always think UK is an opportunity to get a win in SEC play. This always parlays into a very hard, hitting game.

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    Re: College Football - Go Figure with Vanderbilt Coming to Kroger Field

    Thanks for all the player info Lonny. I have been on the Darius West bandwagon all season long, as he makes few mistakes in coverage, misses few tackles, and as his "brother" opined, he will rip your face off.

    Thanks again!!

    I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.

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    Re: College Football - Go Figure with Vanderbilt Coming to Kroger Field

    Thanks, Lonny!

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    Re: College Football - Go Figure with Vanderbilt Coming to Kroger Field

    Good to hear about Paschal. Had not heard anything about him.



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