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    VAUGHT: Wilson's ability to make plays shows in Swamp


    If you have been wondering why Terry Wilson was named Kentucky's starting quarterback, you finally got a chance to understand in the 27-16 win at Florida Saturday night.

    Wilson ran for 107 yards and one score -- a brilliant 24-yard burst that showcased all his speed -- and complete 11 of 16 passes for 151 yards, including a 54-yard scoring bomb to Lynn Bowden in the third quarter and a 29-yard strike to David Bouvier to open the scoring.

    Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said those were the kind of "explosive" plays they felt Wilson could make.

    "He still has a lot of football ahead of him. He’s going to get better every opportunity," Stoops said after the win. "He was dynamic today when he pulled the ball down and ran.

    "He missed that throw at the end of the half. We felt we had that play set up and he missed that throw. We told him at halftime to go back out there and let it rip and let’s go play the second half. And he made some big plays.”

    Wilson's perceived edge over Gunnar Hoak at quarterback was his ability to make yards with his speed and running ability on broken plays like he did against Florida.

    "Those are critical, to have a quarterback that’s very dynamic like that. Your structure of your defense puts a lot of pressure on you," Stoops said.

    "You’ve heard me talk about it when we play dual-threat guys. The fact that he can do that, as we progress and start throwing the ball more, it’ll put more and more pressure on the defense.”

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    Re: VAUGHT: Wilson's ability to make plays shows in Swamp

    You can actually see him getting better with every snap.
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    Re: VAUGHT: Wilson's ability to make plays shows in Swamp

    For him to do that well against florida makes me feel vastly better about the season. My biggest worry was putting such a young QB in there and that he'd need some games to improve.

    With him going down and playing through mistakes in that environment and coming out on top is massive for the season. IMO it can't be underestimated what it does if he can adjust to SEC football at this pace. it's going to add 2-3 wins minimum to the schedule.
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    Re: VAUGHT: Wilson's ability to make plays shows in Swamp

    SEC teams have so much speed on the corners to go along with the biggest of uglies that a QB like him can be invaluable to success. The way he worked the edges against the speed of UF was beyond his years and their ability to defend

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