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    Coach Cal coaching in to his 70's?

    Sounds like a plan to me



    Richard (CW)

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    Re: Coach Cal coaching in to his 70's?

    The key, IMHO, of keeping him here is the chip on his shoulder not going away. He's not going to stay for money, he's got plenty of that. But I think what will keep him here is the possibly of passing UCLA or ending up with the most wins in NCAA history. To that point, he has 674 wins and Pat Summit has 1098* so he is 424 behind. At UK he has averaged just over 30 wins/season. At that pace he would pass Summit* in just over 14 years when he is 74. I hope whatever it takes to keep him here he finds it!**

    *Coach K is only 16 games behind Summit. I say this so you can prepared your self for "Ratfacefest 2018/19" that I am sure will engulf us this coming season.

    **Unless he begins to suck.
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