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    Brandon Straka is my new hero

    Seriously, This guy was a lifelong liberal who did what we all should on both sides, which is to soberly question what "our side" is saying and reporting. INvestigate, don't just believe, and then make your decisions.

    He did, and went from being a liberal to now much more of a conservative, and founded the #WalkAway movement encouraging liberals not to go to the "other side" but to question the identity politics and divisiveness and hate coming from the far Left.

    he's a gay New York hairdresser and actor btw, and now he's being attacked as "alt right" simply b/c he decided the Left wasn't really supporting gay issues but was just using them, and that Trump had been misrepresented on those issues by the media.

    that was his choice, but his big push is to simply not accept what the mainstream media is feeding people, and that situational awareness and questioning of this media and the ideologies of either side is what this country desperately needs.

    Trump is very imperfect and divisive, but the reason so many on the GOP side hate him is he is also questioning THEIR mantras, their pat ideology, upsetting their apple carts as well as that of the Left. But that's good for America, b/c we all need to question what our elites are feeding us.

    I might have gone with #StopBeingMushrooms, but I can embrace #WalkAway, and this guy. he's just a guy, just an average American guy trying to get by, but he's standing up for something he knows will leave him ostracized from his social circle, and that's good b/c we all need to stand up for what WE believe, not for what someone feeds us to believe. Question everything.


    He has t-shirts for it I think, I'm going to need one. i'll go with my Libertarian "Politically Incorrect: Free Minds, Free Markets, Free Society" t-shirt.
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    Re: Brandon Straka is my new hero

    The left can be very vicious in their attacks on women and others that fall into groups they claim to support.

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    Re: Brandon Straka is my new hero

    I see myself as a conservative, republican but there are MANY issues that I disagree with them on. I disagree with them on many religious issue such as prayer in school (praying is for church, I don't want math and history taught in church so why do we want praying is schools?), same sex marriage (why do I care who you marry?), gun issues (I think REASONABLE gun control isn't a bad thing with an emphasis on reasonable), abortion (I'm pro choice but anti abortion becuase I don't believe its the governments job to be involved in my health care decisions).

    But I align with the right on the things I fell strongest about...like lower taxes, individual freedoms (including guns ownership--within reason) AND responsibility where the government stays out of my business, limited gov't. Private business over government regulations, etc.

    I've always been that way and never understood people who simply adopt the partys stance. IMO that is for idiots who are just too lazy to think for themselves.
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