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Thread: water hose

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    water hose

    Anyone have this or something similar they really like? I have a pressure washer, but I don't want to hook that up every time I need to wash the bird poop from my patio and the regular nozzle isn't quite strong enough.


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    water hose

    Also thought about the Worx battery washer.

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    Re: water hose

    Lots of pressure in this little nozzle

    Its what we have. Equal to any high pressure nozzle Ive used. Then again, that's not many

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    Re: water hose

    Started to leave this on the 2nd page but the device sucks and thought I might save someone a few dollars.

    I really liked it, the fan didn't quite have the power I wanted, but cleaned the bird poop fairly well. Still had to scrub some. And for general rinsing it did fine. But I used it about 5 times for 5-10 minutes each time and the top spring already blew out so I am returning it.

    Going to try the Worx cordless pressure cleaner and hope it works well. If not, looks like I'll be using the pressure washer more often than I want.

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    Re: water hose

    JMO, but you're going the wrong direction if you're trying to gadget something like that up. For what you want, simpler = better.

    I have a brass nozzle similar to this one:


    Dramm 12380 Heavy-Duty Brass Adjustable Hose Nozzle
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    Re: water hose

    I'll probably get something like that to wash the whole thing. The thing I bought was nearly perfect just wasn't made well. The patio we added is concrete pavers, and some bird poop just won't come off with a regular hose. I hope this cordless thing will work. A pressure washer will, but then I have to be careful to not blow out the grout, so I hope this is a good compromise. If it works well, run time won't be more than 3-5 minutes at a time.

    The main issue is that some bird's built a nest and my 3 year old enjoyed watching the eggs and the birds grow. They just left the nest so the biggest issue is fixed. Once I finish the covered part, they won't be able to build back.

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    Re: water hose

    I'll bet the Worx cordless thing will work well for you.

    It sounds like the bird poop on the pavers may be a pretty tough stain, so a non-assisted thing may not be enough. Here's a short video of the brass nozzle thing in action. Most of it is with it with the "misting," but toward the end it focuses into the jet. You can kinda see about what it will do there. The reviewer claims it "cleans patio very well," but who knows?


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    Re: water hose

    It's weird. The random places wash off easily. Mainly where the nest is. So I'm hoping it has more to do with the amount in one spot. If anyone has pavers, please add any cleaning tips.

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    water hose

    I bought an Armor-all electric pressure washer this week. Only 1600 psi, 1.3gpm, but bought it for $50 from BJ's Wholesale Club. Cost me an additional $10 for a one year online membership, but this is going to be my car wash, deck wash tool as well.

    With 6 cars, I'll make that price up in no time in saved gas station car washes.

    (Edited to correct the psi).
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    Re: water hose

    I nearly went with an electric pressure washer and my next real pressure washer probably will be. I am just done with gas stuff.

    My Worx works great. The birds are gone and the poop is not really an issue now. But it is nice to plug it in the water hose and blast off the harder cleaning stuff. The battery last plenty long for what I need. It is a limited use item, but it fit my needs. It does lack volume (I guess it is volume), so it does not clean the entire patio very well, so I need to get something like you posted. My other device was perfect for that, too bad it only lasted a few times.

    Now, I did try the 2 liter option on the Worx and I was not getting high pressure. Not sure why. If I can get that to work, I'll be completely cordless.



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