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    The Cats lair Vll

    For your information to all of interest. Our live film showing of the documentary film “Black and Blue” about the African American SEC pioneers Nate Northington, Greg Page, Wilbur Hackett, and Houston Hogg. The date of the showing is July 28 at 5:00 pm at the Riverpark Center in Owensboro, Ky. My longtime friend former Wildcat Paul Karem was inspired to do this two-year long project because of the SEC film origination of the first Black quarterback Tennessee’s Conredge Halloway and the first black SEC head coach Sylvester Croom. Paul said wait a minute, they are standing on the shoulders of the aforementioned legends!! The making of this film that I’m proud to say my fingerprints are on by Oscar winning film maker Paul Wagner. Sad to say there was nefariousness along the way.

    A traditional throwback to that era is a game I witnessed on old Stoll Field in 1968. It was UK Versus Oregon State University. The Beavers had a 6-foot-2, 235-pound running back named Bill “Earthquake” Enyard that had amassed four consecutive 200-plus yard games and 5-foot-9, 185-pound Wilbur Hackett was the starting linebacker and captain of the Wildcat team. It was a war in that Enyard carried the ball twenty-three times for 67-yards. Ironically the defensive line coach for Oregon State was Jerry Claiborne.

    Since our last posting there have been two new football recruit commitments wide receiver DeMarcus Harris of Vero Beach, Florida and tight end Nicholas Ognenovic from Ft Lauderdale, Florida bringing the total of 14 for 2019. For those that were hyping-out about Purdue Head Coach Jeff Brohm’s recruiting, those two youngsters had Purdue offers. Harris is a speedster recruited by Darin Hinshaw. The coach said he was impressed by Harris’ speed and strength. “Coach Smith seemed like my dad,” Harris said about the UK wide receiver coach Michael Smith. “The process is like playing a game of cards. You have to play the hand that is dealt to you. I’m very happy.”

    Though recruiting is a never ending thing and the next big weekend is the 20th and 21st of this month – the Friday Night Lights camp when some 250 youngsters will be in attendance. Wildcats recruit quarterback Nick Scalzo is busy at work down in Florida.

    There’s little doubt when the December 20th signing date arrives UK will have the bulk of its signing class. Again for those of you not familiar with is last year’s inauguration of the early seventy-two hour window players can sign early if they choose to.

    UK has a new track and field coach replacing Edrick Floreal. The new coach is Lonnie Greene from Purdue. Mitch Barnhart alerted you three ago that his track program would not take a step back. Greene appears more than capable of keeping it going and building upon it. Greene has a rich tradition of track and field building because of his longtime involvement of the Arkansas Razorback strong program. Over the last six years he’s done marvelous things in the Purdue program.

    Central Michigan is UK’s first opponent and The Cats should be heavy favorites. CM had the 88th ranked run defense last season which sets up well for Benny Snell. Taking into account whatever quarterback starts in that game the other one should see significant playing time. The one thing that could blunt that phenomena is CM has a running back Jonathan Ward returning and he rushed for over a thousand yards last season. UK running defense was very poor going down the stretch of last season.

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    Re: The Cats lair Vll

    Good info

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    Re: The Cats lair Vll

    As always, great stuff Mayor

    “Before I leave I’d like to see our politics begin to return to the purposes and practices that distinguish our history from the history of other nations,
    “I would like to see us recover our sense that we are more alike than different. We are citizens of a republic made of shared ideals forged in a new world to replace the tribal enmities that tormented the old one. Even in times of political turmoil such as these, we share that awesome heritage and the responsibility to embrace it.”
    -Patriot and Senator. John McCain

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    Re: The Cats lair Vll

    Lonnie, Thanks for the memory on Earthquake Enyard. UK won that game in what was considered an upset at that time
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