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Thread: Trump is wrong

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    Trump is wrong

    Posting from my phone so cant link but will later....but apparently The Donald has "uninvited" the Superbowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles football team from their traditional NFL championship white house visit because a large percentages of the team was declining to go due to his stance on tha anthem controversy. IMO, F-them. If they don't want to go, fine. those that do, great. Don't take away something like that, don't look petty (although Trump is Petty), and be the bigger person. He had an opportunity to take the high road. Also keep in mind the the Eagle had zero players who knealed during the anthem. Even if no player showed, fine. Its them that look bad, not Trump. He just doesn't get it sometimes
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    Re: Trump is wrong

    I agree. I've been a Trump supporter from the start but I cringe at a lot of the things he does that serve no purpose other than to alienate.
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    Re: Trump is wrong

    Disagree. The media was going to run with the optics of almost no one showing up, much as they tried to do with those not completely accurate photos of his inauguration.

    It's unfortunate, but it was the smart PR move. He gets out in front of it this way, can pin it on the anthem thing versus the more damaging view of most of the team refusing to show in a political statement opposing him.

    It's cold, but it's the best political move at this point. I agree it should reflect on the players that didn't show, but it won't. In a world where the vast majority of the media is just a propaganda machine to attack Trump at every turn, he has to be smart in not giving them more ammunition than necessary.

    Not that he doesn't then turn around and give them endless amounts of ammunition unnecessarily. I get that, and this is likely as much about his ego as being a political strategic move. He wasn't elected b/c of his Machiavellian skill.
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    Re: Trump is wrong

    Most normal people have come to realize that there is a media bias, and I believe that MOST Americans actually agree with the President's stance that you should not disrespect the flag and those who sacrificed for it. Even if nobody showed up, it would be fine IMO because he showed that he wasn't going to cave to the minority that choose to disrespect the flag.

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    Re: Trump is wrong

    To be fair, the media bias was on display at FOX also. Showing the Philly players praying (Although not to the president ) and falsely calling it protest.
    Of course they apologize after the lie was put out there. They (Philly) in fact did not kneel in protest, neither in the regular season or the playoffs

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    "This can’t be serious.... Praying before games with my teammates, well before the anthem, is being used for your propaganda?! Just sad, I feel like you guys should have to be better than this..."
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