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Thread: Jared Casey!

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    Jared Casey!

    In State player from Ballard HS in Louisville now a 4 star linebacker. Only showing 6 offers and just one from a Power 5 school, Purdue

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    Re: Jared Casey!

    I read where the young man went from Not Rated to a 4 star because of one Rivals camp! He was injured last year. One reason I don't take star ratings as gospel

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    Re: Jared Casey!

    That's a huge jump.

    You know how you are fond of saying that people focus on the players we lose in recruiting, but most of the time, the player commitments stick? (Which is, of course, true....)

    Same here. Most of the time the recruiting gurus get it right, too. Not always. But most of the time.

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    Re: Jared Casey!

    You know I always say give me a bushel of 4 stars over a bushel of 2 stars anytime. But that kind of jump makes one take pause. Also it can hurt certain players if they don"t compete in a service's camp. As far as decommits, a full class is 25, to have a 20% decommit rate one woulD have to lose 5 players
    I don't remember losing that many



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