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    Alabama is at it again

    If you thought the women who made charges against Judge Roy Moore during his Senate campaign made for outrageous politics, the Democrats and Republican have outdone themselves in the Alabama Republican Gubernatorial primary. The guy running way behind in the 4 way contest an extreme conservative pastor, called a press conference to claim that incumbent governor, 73 year old Ma Ivey, had supported a LGBTQ group with state funds which was quickly denied. Then in the evening Patricia Todd, a lame duck, openly lesbian legislator asked when somebody was going to out the governor as lesbian, saying they had to get rid of her lover before she could move into the mansion. Todd has in the past threatened to disclose every person in Montgomery who is having an affair or who is in the closet. Now that she is not seeking re-election and moving to Orlando, she damn well may do it. She can only have credibility if she treats dems and reps with complete disclosure.
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