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    “Whew!” The Cats Almost Lost Him

    The anxious youngster's wanted to look elsewhere but through the insistence of Asim Rose Sr, A.J. Rose Jr is still wearing the blue and white of the Wildcats. Rose came to UK in the same class as star running back Benny Snell. I many quarters in Ohio Rose was thought to be the better of the two. But things don't often work out that way.

    Things other than pure athleticism play into the development of athletes coming from high school to college. Sometimes maturity plays into the picture. Rose said himself that he has now learned to offense and is now playing with a level of comfort and confidence. The light appears to have gone on for Rose Jr.

    It was sometimes agonizing for Rose watching Snell do what he felt he should be doing. After all subsequent to watching the high school film on Rose Marrow was convinced he was a running back UK needed to have. Rose was the running back that after committing to UK Ohio State University tried to get involved with.

    Any player who's father and mother had less sticktoitness Rose might be wearing another uniform. Rose Sr stayed in junior's ear about sticking to his choice to come to UK and that with perseverance things will work.

    It's unlikely the young rose would buck his father given how physically imposing he is. The dad stands 6-foot-8 with plenty of athletic girth. His mom is barely 5-foot tall. “I've had some rough conversations with my son,” the elder Rose said who played some mid-level college basketball. “I played a little quarterback in high school and I've known what A. J. can do on the football field. He said there's been times that he was at the breaking point but we finish what we start.

    A. J. Rose has been clocked in a 4.38 forty-yard dash. He can make people miss and can run you over. He's always been a good blocker but blitz pick up has been his biggest improvement. A set of football-educated eyes informed me that what was seen on Saturday night has been something in practice seen on numerous occasions. But now he is lowering his pad-level and running over people.

    Rose showed a burst of speed in the Blue/White game while running for 134 yard in 11 carries. He had a coming out display of packing the pigskin in the last scrimmage prior to Saturday night. Stoops said he needed to see him do it again in front of twenty-five thousand BBN eye's. So perhaps the fans will again see thunder and lightning coming out of the backfield when they had Snell and Boom Williams.

    There may be some BBN observers that may feel that will hamper the passing game that is expected to be improved. But Eddie Gran based on previous experience probably is better adapt than anyone – (1) Knows how to handle this situation; (2) With more than seventy plays a game can get adequate touch's for everyone.

    Now a summer of work is ahead for the Cats and Rose in particular.

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    Re: “Whew!” The Cats Almost Lost Him

    Thanks Mr. Demaree, he truly was one bright spot in the Blue/White scrimmage the other night.
    Not the only bright spot, but a welcome one...
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    Re: “Whew!” The Cats Almost Lost Him

    Thanks Lonny. I am really looking forward to seeing him with the ball under his arm in games this fall.

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    “Whew!” The Cats Almost Lost Him

    Thanks, Lonny



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