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    Maybe best example of media bias thus far


    Don't have time today to diatribe about this, but it's a good read. Obama used facebook in 2012 and mined user profiles, and one of their staffers even confirmed that Facebook found out and let them continue b/c it was for Obama. The media reported it at the time as a positive, astute political move.

    Now when it's discovered a firm tied to Trump has done the exact same thing, even using the same API tools in facebook, Facebook bans them and the media reports it like Trump has somehow committed a crime and stolen everyone's privacy.

    The bias is unreal in the media, and the elites don't get that the people see it and that's why Trump was able to win despite massive negative media coverage. he runs against the press b/c about half of this country sees the media as the political enemy, not a neutral observer.
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    Re: Maybe best example of media bias thus far

    From the article:

    The left is outraged that President Trump’s campaign used data mining to win the 2016 election
    Hold on..I thought Trump won because of the Russians. So now its he used data mining to win, OK.

    IMO he used the fact that the democratic nominee was a lying law breaking elitist bitch and everybody could see it.

    Edit: I guess I should have read the entire link because they come to the same conclusion.
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