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    Things not to say while visiting Korea


    You may not want to give much "credit" to the decades long Japanese occupation of Korea and broad murder, rape and repression of a race of people. Just a guess.

    What an idiot.

    But hey, NBC has been fawning all over North Korea for two weeks too, so not exactly a surprise is it?

    CNN went so far as to compare propagandist sister of "Dear Leader" to Ivanka Trump. other than the death camps and starving population yeah they're nearly identical....
    Saigon. .... I'm still only in Saigon

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    Re: Things not to say while visiting Korea

    If you want to see some of the media propaganda stuff, this has some of it, but there's a bunch:

    Saigon. .... I'm still only in Saigon

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    Things not to say while visiting Korea

    The worst possible thing one could say is “I’m running for president”

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