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    Since last week’s State of the Union address..................

    Trump’s approval ratings have been running slightly ahead of where Barack Obama was at this stage of his presidency.

    Cool as a rule, but sometimes bad is bad.

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    Re: Since last week’s State of the Union address..................

    Now that will burn some people's toast. lol.

    I get the way Trump grates people personally. Boy do I get it. I'd fire a client that acted that way to me. he's an ass-hat, and his silly personal attacks are banal.

    BUT, operationally he's been a solid President. He's gotten some things done, not everything but some, he's doing a lot to attack regulation. Yes the left is now suing him to a standstill just like the right tried to do with Obama, but that's part of it.

    Getting past the childish tit for tat he's really been a very normal President. No doomsday stuff, no breakup of NATO, etc. Yes he's confronted people in a much rougher, more direct way, but not all of that is bad or unwarranted.
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    Re: Since last week’s State of the Union address..................

    One other note.

    I see people on the left (and the elites of the Right) constantly say that he's divided this nation.

    Folks, that's crap. Total crap.

    What he's done is given voice to the half of the nation the Left thought wasn't nearly so big or disagreed nearly so much with them. It's not the voice we may have chosen, but he won NOT b/c he "stirred people up" or got "deplorables" to come out from under the rock.

    He won b/c the other half of this country, mostly living between Washington DC and the Rocky Mountains, completely and utterly disagree with the direction that elites of both sides want this nation to travel. They mostly disagree with the Left, but they really disagree with the whole notion of elitists telling us how to live and to shut up and say thank you for what they let us have.

    He tapped that frustration, that sense of a lack of voice, a culmination of political correctness socially and corruption politically and the merger of government and big business and big labor economically.

    He didn't "divide this nation". He just showed us how divided we are over what we want for the future of this nation.

    The division is far more fundamental than Donald Trump. he's just the messenger.
    Saigon. .... I'm still only in Saigon



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