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    Hurts to lose now 3 in a row to KU, BUT

    I did love the grit we showed. Too many mistakes, por perimeter shooting, and late offensive rebounding by KU did us in.

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    Re: Hurts to lose now 3 in a row to KU, BUT

    Very, very promising performance by the Cats. The man defense looked much better tonight (especially after the first ten minutes) versus one of the most athletic, veteran backcourts we’ll see all year. The rebounding turned around huge in the second half. SGA made a great difference defensively, and SKJ probably played his best game as a Wildcat. Knox was special. We’re so young. Barely know what’s going on on either end, but we showed such amazing upside. Not sure how any impartial observer leaves that game not excited about the potential of Big Blue.

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    Hurts to lose now 3 in a row to KU, BUT

    I should apologize... our guys fought their butts off. They got mangled on the boards in the first half, which was really the difference. We could have gone in at half time with an 8 or 10 point lead.

    They got the message at the half about rebounding and started battling.

    Made some young turnovers and defensive break downs on switches. All and all pretty gritty play for the youngsters.

    We're already a lot better now than we were three hours ago.

    Go Cats!!!

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    Re: Hurts to lose now 3 in a row to KU, BUT

    Honestly.. my only disappointment is Gabriel..PJ and Nick, they are freshman, and our two bigs when we go 40-0 next year

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    Re: Hurts to lose now 3 in a row to KU, BUT

    Gabriel just doesn't show me much still lacks defense.
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