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    PSA: MoviePass $9.95/month

    Movies so far:

    Slender Man. Maybe 4/10
    AXL. 5/10
    Searching 7/10
    Mission Impossible: Fallout 10/10

    Last night (Searching) is probably the only one I would not have minded paying for. Not a great movie, but solid. Couple nice twists and turns. Good acting.

    Updated with Mission Impossible, which was excellent. I'm giving it 10/10, but realize that's on a bit of a curve. Not an elite movie though.
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    Re: PSA: MoviePass $9.95/month

    In August MoviePass gave an ultimatum to subscribers: accept their new terms of service by August 20 or their accounts would be cancelled. (We were going to cancel, anyway, so we just chose not to accept the new terms.)

    Now MoviePass is taking those of us who didn't opt in & unilaterally reinstating our memberships unless we actively opt out:

    Just because you opted to cancel your MoviePass account when the company raised its prices recently doesn't mean the company is done with you. The beleaguered movie ticket subscription service seems to be restarting the memberships of customers who have already canceled or let their subscriptions lapse, according to Lifehacker and Business Insider.

    Some former MoviePass users recently received emails (innocuously titled "MoviePass Updates") alerting them that their accounts would be reinstated unless they opted out by October 4. If the company didn't hear from them by then, MoviePass would automatically enroll them in its new $9.95, three-movie-a-month plan, effective October 5, according to the email. It was pitched as a “test group” designed to woo back subscribers who left the service when it began changing its terms over the last few months (including introducing surge pricing, reducing the number of movies users could see, and restricting the available showtimes).

    I checked my inbox and Mrs. BEvans and I are part of the "test group" (which I think is probably everybody who just let their memberships lapse).

    I question whether they can do this without violating various states' Consumer Protection Acts (strikes me as an unfair and/or deceptive trade practice to reinstate you and charge you money without your approval)--but we're opting out this evening, anyway.
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