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    Lonnie Johnson to replace Chris Westry in starting lineup


    Junior cornerback Chris Westry is a player who started making an impact at Kentucky as soon as he arrived on campus and has started every game in his three years at UK. However, that's going to change Saturday when UK hosts Mississippi.

    Kentucky's new depth chart has junior college transfer Lonnie Johnson listed No. 1 at cornerback ahead of Westry.

    “Lonnie played well (against Tennessee). He’s doing some good things. He really is. We don’t just say that when we talk about competition and earning your way. That’s not lip service. And that’s nothing against Chris; we need to get Chris playing well and playing better. It’s not that he’s played poorly; it’s just that Lonnie played well," Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said.

    In eight games, Westry has 22 tackles, one pass break up and one forced fumble. But he's been beaten often for big plays and has not been the dominant defender many thought he would be.

    Stoops said Monday he didn't remember specifically saying he thought Westry was a future superstar. He remembered saying there were "superstars" in the secondary.

    "Like I always tell you guys (in the media): I’ll just keep it real bland and then there won’t be anything you can use against me in the future. You love to use something against me," he laughed and said. "But I still think there’s some superstars in that group. I do. But we’ve got to do a better job and they’ve got to do their job and together there’s still a lot of potential in that group.”

    Johnson came to UK with big expectations but had to gain experience.

    "With experience comes confidence, too. You get your confidence from your preparation. He’s really worked hard at it, he’s gotten experience and he’s playing more confident," Stoops said. "Lonnie has a toughness about him that I really like. He brings an edge and an attitude, and it’s a difficult spot.

    "We’ll be challenged this week, that’s for sure, with these wideouts and the way Ole Miss plays offensively. It’s going to be a real challenge. But I just like what he brings and he’s getting better.”
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    Re: Lonne Johnson to replace Chris Westry in starting lineup

    I think that is a good move. Westry seemed to go into a junior funk from the beginning of this season until now. He is still a great athlete, but something is missing this year and he needs to work thru it and get the cobwebs out of his head

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    Re: Lonnie Johnson to replace Chris Westry in starting lineup

    Good move. Westry needs the reality check imo. Dan those cobwebs might be from being mowed down like dead cornstalk by that munchkin rb for UT when he broke into the secondary last game. Or at least that’s what I recall
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    Re: Lonnie Johnson to replace Chris Westry in starting lineup

    Wake up call for Westry.

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    Re: Lonnie Johnson to replace Chris Westry in starting lineup

    Westry has been a massive disappointment since his freshman year. Saw a stat before the most recent game that Westry had 2 INT's and 8 pass breakups as a freshman, but has had only 1 INT and 4 pass breakups in the season plus 7 games (as of last week) since. That's inexcusable.

    Johnson hasn't been great the whole season, but he's had some moments and there's reason to expect him to progress. No longer reason to expect that with Westry.



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