It would not be a misstep in judgement to scan the roster and come up with another triumvirate of players that could have been brought to Hoover, Alabama. Courtney Love was brought to the SEC Media Days for the second straight year. This had to be an honor for the man with such a recognizable name. However we are sure he wants to be recognized on his own merits. He said his consistency as a team leader is a factor. Mark Stoops and his defensive coach’s saw the potential in Love to be a leader on the field as well as off the field. This entails production which was slow in coming. He had a career nine some might say meaningless tackles against Southern Miss in a very confusing loss. “My dad was a Marine and he told me to never take a backseat to anybody,” Love said. “Be consistent.” What was behind the slow-burn to his 2016 season? He said – “After the transfer from Nebraska to here I had to sit out a year. And then last year it was welcome to the SEC. I had to adjust to the speed of the game and the great competition day in and day out. When I calmed down and just trusted my abilities things worked out well. From the Mississippi State game on Love seem to have finally got it and started to play well. Now he is in position to be an accurate evaluator of his teammates.
- We ask Love who the players are on the defensive side of the ball, He said – “Man, Kash Daniel is going to be a great player. It’s his strength and he’s awesome in everything he does. He’s all about America and really goes at it hard in everything he does.” He said at his position Jamin Davis is impressive. He also had some praise for a walk-on Drew Schlegel from Colorado. Aside from the obvious, Love said Eli Brown, though on the small side, has a motor and will hit you.
- Safety Mike Edwards had high praise of Jordan Griffin. “He can play corner (back), nickel, dime, and safety,” he enthusiastically stated. He also had praise of Tobias Gilliam. Though not at his position He had praise of true freshman Josh Paschal. When signed it was thought Paschal at 6-foot-5, 260-pounds would be a defensive end but now thought of a jack linebacker who can cover, rush the passer, and come down and hit with the physicality of a down lineman.

The defense as a whole should be improves although with dismissed Alvonte Bell and graduated Courtney Miggins missing there is a couple of cracks-in-the-dam that have to be repaired. Junior college transfer Phil Hoskins is rehabbing shoulder surgeries and will not be available at the beginning of the season.

Perhaps the ill-advised comments of SEC Network commentator Greg McElroy will light a fire under Matt Elam. But don’t bother to go out and invest in an oxygen mask for asphyxiation (holding your breath). Being an Alabama graduate it’s not out of the question McElroy was embarrassed over his Alma-mater’s so far misevaluation of Elam.