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    Red face Who Are Those Masked Men

    Every season there are those in the stands without a program asking who is or was that guy? Here are some of those guys.

    * January entrant to the team running back Bryant Koback. In his senior year in Ohio high school football he had amassed astronomical numbers by his fifth game when he suffered a season ending injury. Football purist say UK wouldn't have gotten him if not the injury.

    * Jamar "Boogie" Watson a jack linebacker who dazzled in the spring game.

    * Jamin Davis another jack linebacker.

    * Wide receiver Clevan Thomas a true freshman from Florida and is a sponge that soaks up things quickly.

    * Red shirt safety Devonte Robinson a Lexington Henry Clay product has been electronically timed in a 4.32 forty-yard dash.

    * Asim "AJ" Rose another running back that will wow you with his speed.

    * Wide receiver Kayaune Ross who was injured early last season that ended his season. Wide receiver coach Lamar Thomas calls him "Godzilla" because of how tough he is to tackle.

    * Justin Rigg a true sophomore tight end that got chance to exhibit his skills by reason of C. J. Conrad missing spring practice. Vince Marrow expressed his pleasure in Rigg's talents. Rigg was also injured early.

    * Kordell Looney a defensive tackle that can run.

    So Cat fans get your program.
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    Re: Who Are Those Masked Men

    Good stuff Lonnie, thanks!
    Real Fan since 1958

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    Re: Who Are Those Masked Men


    I am more than just a Serious basketball fan. I am a life-long Addict. I was addicted from birth, in fact, because I was born in Kentucky. Hunter S Thompson

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    Re: Who Are Those Masked Men

    Read that Koback had 1100 yards rushing in basically five QUARTERS of football before getting injured. Has ran at least three laser timed 40s under 4.4 at a Rivals combine, UK and Ohio State. Urban Meyer was at the game when he got hurt and being the arse he is pulled his interest so good for us. Put up 23 reps on the bench at 225, which would have been top three in this years NFL combine. If he's fully healthy, and he's reportedly full go now, he'll be a major revelation to the BBN.



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