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    University of Kentucky Track on the Move

    Miss Sydney Mclaughlin a world class athlete coming to the UK track team. She ran the fastest leg of the 4x100 meter relay and just missed the Olympic in the 400 meter dash.
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    Re: University of Kentucky Track on the Move

    Lonny, where did she run last year? Found the answer. She ran for a high school in New Jersey.

    That is some serious talent and speed for a high schooler
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    Re: University of Kentucky Track on the Move

    Wow....this is fantastic. I am a bit of a track and field nerd and ran cross county in HS and college, so this is exciting to me. Love it. Thanks for sharing!


    Richard (CW)

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    Re: University of Kentucky Track on the Move

    A story on the women's track team, including 3 NCAA outdoor champions and several All-American honors


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