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    Q & A With Defensive Back J. D. Harmon

    University of Kentucky defensive corner-back J. D. Harmon has gone through some struggles from his high school days to now as a Wildcat. Coming from a Kentucky school Paducah Tilghman down at the tip of the state with Illinois just across the Ohio River. Down through the years the Blue Tornado has sent several very productive players to the University of Kentucky. One to most storied though not one that will ever make the Kentucky Hall of Fame was Billy Jack Haskins. He preceded the great Tim Couch and split reps with Couch running the option attack in 1996. Bill Curry was fired and Haskins transferred to Rhode Island University for his senior year after losing his job to the “Air Raid” of Hal Mumme. But everybody remembers the toughness and 1995 gutty performance against the Tennessee Volunteers. He played the entire fourth quarter with his left arm practically detached from his shoulder. Below is a question and answer session another former Blue Toronado J. D. Harmon who is making his mark as a junior with the Wildcats.

    Q: What is the difference with you from last year to the present?
    A: I had a lot of growing up to do and listening to my position coach and Coach Stoops. They made sure I knew what I had to work on from spring camp to be a better and consistent player. I made sure I was working on those things everyday. One of the things Coach Eliot said is that everyday you get better or worse and I want to get more consistent at getting better.

    Q: We asked Harmon about the secondary play as a whole, a unit that there seemed to be a big pre-season concern over. What has made them better than expected?
    A:I think the thing about that is the coaches made it important to make sure we got better as a unit. That starts with you getting better as an individual and that forms a better unit. This summer we made that a priority, pushing each other, drills on who can get to the ball the fastest, who worked the hardest in the weight room, who could have the most interceptions in the seven on seven drills, and just competing hard.

    Q: Stoops made it a point to be more involved and attentive to the secondary this fall camp and everyday practice sessions. How has that effect you?
    A: I have vast respect of (Derrick) coach Ansley and his coaching abilities but it adds a little more focus to the practice to know the head coach who's specialty is secondary, is watching and you have an opportunity to directly impress the head man.

    Q: How does it feel in making an interception keeping Florida out of the end zone in such a close game?
    A: The secondary in watching the film and I kind noticed the steps and the routes he really runs and I just did my job. Nothing really spectacular...(I referred to his having to jump to get the ball out of the air and he did concede his basket athleticism did help the cause.) Just staying sound with my assignment was the mainly reason for the interception.

    Q: How much influence did you have on the youngsters in the secondary?
    A: A lot influence. The first day they got here we made that a big priority getting those guys ready to play. We didn't know who was going to play and who was going to red-shirt so we had to get those guy ready while the coaches were out recruiting. It extra film and testing them on the playbook. You try to imagine their position on the team a teach them the techniques needed for playing.

    Q: There has to be a lot of pride involved between you and Josh Forrest you both being Paducah Tilghman guys?
    A: Me and Josh grew up together playing together as little kids and cousins. He's made me better and I feel like I made him better. He helps me in tackling drills and I help him in covering passes.

    Q: How often do you get a chance to talk to (coach) Randy Wyatt that also played at Kentucky?
    A: Yeah definitely - I speak to him almost every day. He's like a dad to me. He's always in my ear telling me to stay humble, stay level headed, and do the little things. It's funny he saying the same things that Coach Stoops is saying. He's a great guy and I talk to him everyday.

    As the team grows, and with the right attitude Harmon will continue to grow with the team with still another year to play.

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    Re: Q & A With Defensive Back J. D. Harmon

    Thanks Lonny. Harmon has really grown as a player, and is doing things this year that impress me. I appreciate the opportunity to read his thoughts

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