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    Parking pass wanted-football

    Anyone have a parking pass for the football opener for sale?

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    I will copy this over to the premium forum as well and see if maybe somebody there can help you out too.

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    Re: Parking pass wanted-football

    Thank you Darrell!

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    Re: Parking pass wanted-football

    Glad to --- but haven't had any bites yet. I hope we do soon; I'm sure there's somebody that won't be using it, and would love to see you get that opportunity!

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    Re: Parking pass wanted-football

    Sounds great! I have some friends that have a pass in the grenn/white lot. Trying to get as close to them as possible to carry my supplies!

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    Re: Parking pass wanted-football

    Man, I'm not hearing anything. Also hearing that it may be a parking/tailgating mess for the first game. Hope that's not the case, but I'd certainly get there early if at all possible.



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