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    Fun equals Confidence - Breeds Success for Kentucky Football

    Observing the two major scrimmages the big take away from them was the players were having a barrel of fun. Why is that so important? When a team is having fun is means their confidence is building and it breeds success on the field. The game of football relies more on confidence than almost any other sport. Coaches can teach much more effectively when the players are having fun.
    In some abstract way perhaps it was more positive for this team to not have a spring game. Why? Because the venues in which the scrimmages were held the players were more personal with the fans and enjoyed the intimacy. Secondly the coaches didn’t have to breakdown the team personnel in order to present a more entertaining product for the fan. In this instance they could use it like another practice giving the coaches a better read on film in where their team is and where their focus will be going into fall practice.

    Example: When Jojo Kemp scored a touchdown on an X-play (twenty yards or longer) he low-five every fan and player he could come in contact with around the field on the way back to his sideline. Big grin on his face when he removed his helmet and players funning with him.

    Example: When the last scrimmage, which was in the coach’s description, equivalent to a spring game Stanley “Boom” Williams did a smaller version the Jojo Kemp thing when he scored. Same reaction from the fans and players.

    Example: When Josh Forrest picked off a pass his defensive players on and off the field were celebrating.

    Example: Defensive linemen Farrington Huguenin defects a Drew Barker pass and again Josh Forrest picks it off. This time the players swamped Huguenin in celebration.

    Example: There are many more examples from the player’s side but they extend to the coaching staff, also. Talk about cautious, serene, and stoic, defensive coordinator Coach D. J. Eliot was all of those when he arrived at UK. In interview sessions with the media it was difficult to get more than a one sentence answer. Why? Because he knew he didn’t have the players that merited more than one line. Now Eliot is much more upbeat and even has a joke or two at times. Does this mean they have arrived? No, and they make that perfectly clear but they have progressed to the point they feel like they have a chance.

    Example: D. J. Eliot would not be shaken when asked about three of the players lost off the 2014 team, two of which was highly thought of. Bud Dupree and Za’Darius Smith both drafted and Ashley Lowery a senior safety. “I think we did a good job of developing some guys at this position,” the upbeat coach said. Of course they expect to look even better when Kengera Daniel who the staff is very high on and incoming junior college transfer Alvonte Bell arrives. Freshman Daniel arrived on campus in January and received a lot of special attention. He is very coachable and cerebral about the game of football. “He can take what you put on the board process it and take it to the field and execute it quicker than most kids,” Andy Buh said.

    Example: Corey “C. J.” Johnson is the most quick-witted trash-talker I’ve ever encountered since I’ve been around the program. His wit routinely emits laughter from the media that’s interviewing him. His wit towards his teammates would normally be crass be it emits the same type of humor from them. When asked why he did it he said – “That’s my personality and it loosens up the players. They are going to get it from opposing teams so the might as well hear it from me in practice. They’re going to talk about his mother and all the other family members.”

    Example: The arrival of Andy Buh was good Stoops touch in that it injected some juice into the outside linebacker position given their commitment to the 3-4 defense. At one point we are interviewing Buh about his position when he is praising Kengera Daniel and Jabari Johnson passes by and Buh said very positively “and that big guy” (smiles). Senior to be Johnson who has had a rocky career injury-wise weighs very heavily in the 3-4 plan. “I’m an outside linebacker.” Johnson 6 1.5, 277-pounds said. “I tell people all the time that in high school growing up I played quarterback, running back, safety, and linebacker because I’m an athlete. When they see me as big as I am they can’t see me playing outside but I feel very comfortable and at home out there.”

    Example: When the move was made the make the big Jacob Hyde a two-way player automatic funing juice was further injected into the team, exponentially. Hyde is an enthusiastic, hard-working, extremely-strong man, and fun person to be around and a total anomaly for the UK program. Hyde is well liked by his teammates but when he’s coming like a 300-pound dynamo on a block defenders don’t think it’s too comical.

    Example: A. J. Stamps, Ryan Flannigan, Mikel Horton, Matt Elam, Jojo Kemp, and Blake Bone are Mister Personalities. These are in the addition to the aforementioned and very important in production and keeping teammates head’s up in tough times.

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    Re: Fun equals Confidence - Breeds Success for Kentucky Football

    Very good stuff Lonny

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    Re: Fun equals Confidence - Breeds Success for Kentucky Football

    Great read with a lot of info thrown in. Thanks very much for posting the report. Having fun also means that the Coaches are not beating them up over mistakes every time it happens. I like what I read a lot.

    “I am more than just a Serious basketball fan. I am a life-long Addict. I was addicted from birth, in fact, because I was born in Kentucky.” Hunter S Thompson

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    Re: Fun equals Confidence - Breeds Success for Kentucky Football

    I keep telling you guys, we're going to be better than many believe we will be. We are going "bowling" this season. Which bowl is yet to be determined!
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    Quote Originally Posted by suncat05 View Post
    I keep telling you guys, we're going to be better than many believe we will be. We are going "bowling" this season. Which bowl is yet to be determined!
    Man, I am hopeful.



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