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    Spring Practice Leftoves

    Sometimes leftovers taste better when they have set for a while and for the sake of the BBN hopefully this will be true going in to the fall. The coaches are now in the very intense film study trying to find out where to place certain players when they start preparing for show-time.

    Keys players on the offense that showed they will be players were several this spring. That use to be five minute conversation but now numbers are mounting and the conversation get exponentially longer.
    * Patrick Towles showed the ability to join the ranks of top SEC quarterbacks.
    * Boom Williams could be the next all-star running back at Kentucky.
    * C. J. Conrad will be the first highly productive tight end at Kentucky since Jacob Tamme in 2007.
    * A very cerebral and experience center in Jon Toth, who takes on added responsibility of help setting the pre-snap offense.
    * A bevy of big play wide-outs led by Blake Bone simply because he can go up over smaller corners.
    * Jeff Badet gives them that quick strike capability.
    * From what we have gleaned so far Shannon Dawson was a big get for Mark Stoops.
    * Sure-handed wide receiver Garrett Johnson's YAC's (yards after catch) are incredible.

    This is Coach Stoops third year and it's time for what he's known for, his defense, to show marked improvement and especially in the secondary since that's his bailiwick. Keys to an improved defense in the SEC are as follows
    * Obviously it starts with their offense limiting their time on the field.
    * The "Juco 3" as they call themselves comprised of - First level defense DT Cory "C. J." Johnson - Second level defense linebacker Ryan Flannigan - and Third level defense safety A. J. Stamps.
    * The only reason a fourth isn't included to make it the Juco 4 is Melvin Lewis came in the class before them and was redshirted.
    * A tall, athletic, fast, and now physical middle linebacker in Josh Forrest who is now ready to show he's what an SEC linebacker is all about.
    * Jason Hatcher now a junior has to lead the mostly young but promising crew of outside linebackers.
    * Austin MacGinnis to show what a difference a year makes from a wet behind the ear freshman but a productive year, to a sophomore.
    * Landon Foster is now a senior that will be depended upon flipping the field especially in crucial situations.

    People on defense that will provide that "Wow Factor" such as what Stamp did last season.
    * Denzel Ware; Blake McClain; Mike Edwards; Kengera Daniel; Nico Firios, and Jordan Jones.

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    Re: Spring Practice Leftoves

    Thanks, Lonny--missed this yesterday.



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