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    Tickets for UT game available - 1/18/14

    Hey y'all, long time reader but I haven't posted in a long time.

    However, I wanted to offer my tickets for Saturday's UT game here. I know it is totally last minute, but I just found out Thursday that I wasn't going to be able to go to the game.

    They are Sec. 223, Row D (4 rows from the front obviously), seats 21 and 22 which are right in the middle of the row, which puts your viewing angle right in the middle of the court. Makes for a great view. Ask CitizenBBN about the tickets as his are in the same section a couple of rows down and a few rows over. Face value to anyone here that wants them.

    So, if anyone wants them, let me know tomorrow by 12 noon, and I will ship them overnight and ensure Saturday AM (by 10) delivery.


    p.s. if anyone here has never been to a game at Rupp, or knows someone with a kid that has never been to Rupp, let me know and if someone else hasn't asked, I will let them have them for the shipping costs.

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    Re: Tickets for UT game available - 1/18/14

    Very generous offer--and a great opportunity to see a high level SEC game. Wish I could take you up on that offer.

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    Re: Tickets for UT game available - 1/18/14

    Thanks Darrell, appreciate the compliment. I am bummed not to be able to go, particularly since it is against an SEC rival.

    Anyway, I hope someone takes me up on it, if not then I will send them to CitizenBBN and let him sell or give them away. If I have already sent them to him and someone contacts me at the last minute, I will let him know and they can arrange to get the tickets from him. Not a perfect solution, but the best one I can think of at this late hour.

    GBB, beat UT!


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    Re: Tickets for UT game available - 1/18/14

    I hope somebody takes you up on it, but I personally appreciate you offering it to people here. Friday the site traffic starts to slow down a little, Saturday is very slow (usually) and Sunday through Thursday it hops. So hopefully word will get out.

    If not, you tried, and it is appreciated.



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