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  1. College Football - Go Figure with Vanderbilt Coming to Kroger Field

    This is a strange year, to say the least. Perhaps Kentucky Wildcats needs to have another off week. UK has an off week and in the AP poll they move up four spots to number 14. When has there ever...
  2. Article: The Matt's didnít Figure to see the Josh Allen They are Now Seeing

    You can view the page at http://www.kysportsreport.com/forums/content.php?2754-The-Matt-s-didnít-Figure-to-see-the-Josh-Allen-They-are-Now-Seeing
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    Re: Practice Notes 08/09/17

    There are nine body's on the roster seven of which are ready to compete for playing time.
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    Practice Notes 08/09/17

    Defensive coordinator Matt House had very little negative to say about his troops after today's practice. As a matter of fact he had several positive things to say.

    The first thing we addressed...
  5. Article: The Puzzles Fitted Together for a Successful Season

    You can view the page at http://www.kysportsreport.com/forums/content.php?2247-The-Puzzles-Fitted-Together-for-a-Successful-Season
  6. Stoops Continuing on His Summer Speaking Circuit - the Rotary Club

    Though it's a function of a head coach of a major college football, Mark Stoops would tell you he will be glad when August 5 rolls around. We know of at least two more major events he has to speak at...
  7. The Football Cats are Teetering on the Brink

    The talent level is stockpiling to the extent that Head Coach Mark Stoops and some of his staff recognize as being top-shelf talent. But the person and or persons that recognize it best because they...
  8. Thread: Movies

    by LonnyDemaree


    For those that have the ability to stream, three must see sleeper movies - Side Effect, Get Low, and Oldboy.
  9. What Will it Take to Fix the Cat Football?

    At the end of a disappointing football season there are a plethora of issues that the fans point to as the reason. Maybe by design, given the policies of media and fans non-viewing participation of...
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    Gun violence

    America is inundated with guns so expect that the worst is yet to come.
  11. Fun equals Confidence - Breeds Success for Kentucky Football

    Observing the two major scrimmages the big take away from them was the players were having a barrel of fun. Why is that so important? When a team is having fun is means their confidence is building...
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    Spring Practice Leftoves

    Sometimes leftovers taste better when they have set for a while and for the sake of the BBN hopefully this will be true going in to the fall. The coaches are now in the very intense film study trying...
  13. Shannon Dawson Talks Receivers in Relation to Thinner Air

    What goes up must come down and Dawson's hope is it's in some receiver's hands. The coach alluded to his plan to take deeper shots down the field where the air in thinner. To do that he must have...
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    Beating Back the Hype

    At this time of the season in the BBN there is a lot of blue cool-aid sloshing around, and a segment of realism coming from the more cautious one's. Make no mistake the prospects of the this Kentucky...
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    All time favorite Western

    There have been many but my favorite was the latest 'Tombstone." Val Kilmer played the best Doc Holiday ever and should have gotten a Oscar Nomination.
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    All time favorite movie

    Shawshank Redemption. The film that took Morgan Freeman skyrocketing to the top of the great actors heap.
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