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    Re: I知 tired of dealing with people

    I applied for a job with Service Merchandise in their legal department. I had a lot of friends in Nashville and it was just an hour from Bowling Green, where I was living at the time. I was very...
  2. Re: 2016 Walking, Exercise, Weight Loss Member Challenge Thread

    Good article on how eating better and exercising is something fewer people are doing during the pandemic but is the key to better well-being:
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    Re: All Things Video Thread (Movie or TV)

    The rights to air Charlie Brown specials were purchased by Apple TV+. PBS just made a deal to show them over the air:
  4. Poll: Re: How much toilet paper do you currently have?

    In light of the panic buying thread, thought it might be time to revisit this Golden Oldie.

    We just got a 12-pack last weekend so our 2 person household is good for awhile.
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    Re: Beshear announces new restrictions

    My brother-in-law's mother (aunt-in-law? :D ) will be hosting Thanksgiving with her 3 children and their 8 children--12 different households, probably 35 people total.

    Now would I be part of an...
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    Beshear announces new restrictions

    --No indoor dining

    --No in-person schools as of Monday

    --No indoor venues with more than 25 people (churches excepted)

    --No private gatherings of more than 2 households and 8 people total
  7. Re: Lockdown panic shopping, November edition

    I literally laughed out loud when I read this. Too true.
  8. Re: 59 Members Of Congress Owe Nearly $3M In Student Loans; Push For Loan Forgiveness

    A lot of my clients are young people who joined the Army to go to college on the GI Bill. I guess they were suckers.
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    Re: Last Post Wins

    Grass is still green and growing here in the People Democratic Republic of Louisville. My last yard day is usually the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Still planning on that but not sure the grass...
  10. Re: Lockdown panic shopping, November edition

    Walmart returning to counting shoppers, limits on purchases:
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    Re: All Things Video Thread (Movie or TV)

    HBO Max coming to Kindle Fire TV and Fire tablets starting tomorrow:

  12. Re: Lockdown panic shopping, November edition

    i wish I could find it, but over the weekend I saw that there were only 2 or 3 counties in Kentucky that aren't red (which I think means 25 cases/100,000 people).

    For a long time Jefferson...
  13. Re: Pfizer COVID vaccine greater than 90% effective

    ^Agreed, dallen.

    Between the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, 70,000,000 doses by the end of the year? Yes, please.
  14. Re: Pfizer COVID vaccine greater than 90% effective

    News today that Moderna's vaccine is also >90% effective in trials:


  15. Re: General, not personal covid report from Bozeman

    The concern in March was that we'd end up in a Lombardy situation where health care would be rationed away from older patients due to insufficient resources. Because we never quite got to that...
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    Re: List your favorite podcasts!

    I'll Tell You What with Dana Perino and Chris Stirewalt
    Mad Dogs and Englishmen with Kevin Williamson and Charles Cooke
    GLoP with Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long and Jon Podhoretz
    The Rewatchables on the...
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    Re: Trump and Fox News

    There's always been a pretty big split between the News and Opinion sides of Fox News. IMHO Bret Baier and the other news folks have played it pretty much down the middle. The opinion side...
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    Re: Honoring all our Veterans today

    I've been doing genealogical research for many years. As far as I can tell, I'm the first in my direct line of Evanses ever to serve in the military. Going back almost 300 years, I've yet to find...
  19. Re: Pfizer COVID vaccine greater than 90% effective



    Far from official, but still good to see as a possibility.
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    Re: Last Post Wins

    31 years ago the Berlin Wall effectively ceased to exist. Interesting Twitter thread about how it happened:


    TL;DR version:
  21. Re: Can It Be Any Worse Than Eight Years of Obama?

    You assume Biden's serving 4 years.

    President. Kamala. Harris.

    Sleep well tonight.
  22. Re: Can You Believe The Arrogance Of Liberals Lecturing Folks On Not Contesting Resul

    Hope your son has recovered from Sally. That whole area got hit pretty hard.
  23. Re: Mail In Ballots Overwhelmingly Favor Dems; In-person Voting Overwhelmingly For Tr

  24. Re: Mail In Ballots Overwhelmingly Favor Dems; In-person Voting Overwhelmingly For Tr

    Is that raw numbers, or percentages? Last time I looked (a day or so ago), Biden was a point or 2 ahead of Hillary and Trump was a point or 2 down from his 2016 %.
  25. Thread: Tacos....

    by KSRBEvans

    Re: Tacos....

    Love tacos. Don't know if you've ever checked out Rick Bayless' YouTube channel, but he has a regular Taco Tuesday segment where he makes fairly authentic Mexican tacos. I think I'm going to get...
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