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  1. Poll: Re: Test: Where will Stanley Johnson sign (Poll for week of 10/31 - 11/6)

    Arizona is getting pretty much who they want off the West Coast. I am having to go with them
  2. Things to watch for: Missouri Edition *Post Game Analysis*

    By: Tyler Adkins

    The Cats were able to gut out a gritty, veteran like win tonight in overtime over the Missouri Tigers 90-83 tonight in the best environment Rupp Arena has seen all season. The...
  3. Replies

    Re: OT: Muhammad Ali Could Have Days to Live

    I hate to hear this, he was amazing and one of my favorites.
  4. Re: * Play KSR Game Contest: Kentucky v Tennessee *

    1. +8
    2. Harrow: 17
    3. 12
    4. 18
  5. Re: John L. Smith is losing it--bizarre start to Press Conference

    That was incredible. Or senile. Either way I guess.
  6. Re: Jarmon to use experiences, bad memories to make a difference

    Great stuff Ashley. The Jarmon decision is one of the major gaffes in the NCAA in recent years, which is saying something.
  7. Re: How bad will Miss. State basketball be this year?

    Mississippi State will be lucky to win 10 games this year in my opinion. I think they will be like Auburn was a few years ago. All time bad.
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