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  1. Will the Big Blue Wall Pass Their Toughest Test at Georgia?

    ē Luke Fortner had a shiner on his right eye that he received at the 3:53 mark of the second quarter. He is playing well at the center position.
    ē Darin Kinnard had a terrific wham block on a...
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    The Good the Bad and the Fortunate

    Make no mistake, Iím not the new Allan Cutler that was the master in bearing bad news. Cutler and I were friends but on a different spectrum. In the 13-years I was a WVLK sports analyst, I was always...
  3. Article: What Makes Mark Stoops A Candidate to Pull up Stakes?

    You can view the page at http://www.kysportsreport.com/forums/content.php?3713-What-Makes-Mark-Stoops-A-Candidate-to-Pull-up-Stakes
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    My Revised Prediction

    In late July my season prediction was 8-4 and trending. The reason for trending was I needed to see the starting quarterback function in the new offense. It's mattered not who the quarterback was...
  5. Mark Stoops Saw Some Good and Bad in the Ole Miss Performance

    As per usual Mark Stoops after watching the film, comes to the podium with a different summation, usually positive but today he saw things with a mixed observation.

    Of course, with his rushing the...
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    With no Pads Coaches are Really Upbeat

    Kentucky football has no doubt arrived to a point that allows them to exude a lot of positives about their positions.

    The pace of practice sessions are space out more than usual because of the...
  7. Early Season Predictions Could be Termed Ridiculous

    Color me the glass as half full. Everyone that knows me knows that's no surprise. However I can now deal in facts.

    Every year ESPN and Sports Illustrated jump out there with their early UK...
  8. Practice notes for 9/17

    * Eddie gran expressed a high level of satisfaction in his quarterback Sawyer Smith which we have said Kentucky can win with Smith going forward.
    * Gran was asked how he adjusted to the cowbells in...
  9. College Football - Go Figure with Vanderbilt Coming to Kroger Field

    This is a strange year, to say the least. Perhaps Kentucky Wildcats needs to have another off week. UK has an off week and in the AP poll they move up four spots to number 14. When has there ever...
  10. Article: The Matt's didnít Figure to see the Josh Allen They are Now Seeing

    You can view the page at http://www.kysportsreport.com/forums/content.php?2754-The-Matt-s-didnít-Figure-to-see-the-Josh-Allen-They-are-Now-Seeing
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    Re: Practice Notes 08/09/17

    There are nine body's on the roster seven of which are ready to compete for playing time.
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    Practice Notes 08/09/17

    Defensive coordinator Matt House had very little negative to say about his troops after today's practice. As a matter of fact he had several positive things to say.

    The first thing we addressed...
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