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  1. Re: Can we all agree Ocasio-Cortez is fencepost dumb or nuts?

    I saw this morning on Twitter that she was calling for Barr to resign. I replied to her tweet and told her “the only thing you know about Barr is that you used to serve drinks in one”.
  2. Re: Budget deficits, the Federal debt and the “govt shutdown”

    Sounds like my household. Except mine pays the bills and whatever she wants can’t afford after she’s blown all hers.
  3. Re: Brown University Offering Programs for 'Unlearning Toxic Masculinity

    Since they seem to want to lose their “toxic masculinity”, couldn’t we just refer them to KSR’s resident veterinarian and let him castrate them? It would be much cheaper than a course at Brown!
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    Re: What are your favorite Twitter follows?

    Travis Tritt is probably my favorite. I actually got him to reply to a tweet of mine and wish me a happy birthday. Blake Shelton is funny as hell to follow and of course I follow Donald Trump and...
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