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Darrell KSR

Jay bilas on how Cards will adjust to new defensive rules

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I think they'll adjust just fine. I don't think this is an issue for them. In fact, one of the ways you can tell it won't be an issue is one of the biggest proponents of the changes is Rick Pitino. People say it's really going to affect Louisville. Louisville plays according to how the game is going to be officiated. And, look, there is not a coach out there that didn't employ fouling as a tactic, not one. If you didn't do it you were at a competitive disadvantage. Everybody did it. And the reason they did it was because the referees allowed it.

It's funny how we're sitting here worried about this ‑‑ I'm not saying you ‑‑ but so many people are sitting here worried about this, nobody in football goes, oh, my God, look at the amount of penalties they're calling. They look at the players, they would quit holding. It's a dispassionate throw of a flag for an infraction. They bring back some of those exciting plays in the game because somebody on the opposite side of the field that had nothing to do with the play held somebody. And in basketball we're talking about on the ball. So I don't think this is that big of a deal. Louisville is able to turn people over because they can speed you up. They get the ball. They'll trap, get the ball out of the hands of the handling guard and get it to somebody that doesn't handle it as much, speed them up and then make the decisions at a higher speed and then turn the ball over.

In the half court, they play a lot of zone, and they're very good defensively, very creative. But they're quick, they're fast, they're athletic, they can block shots, they can get steals. Not all of that requires man handling the ball. And so I don't have any doubt that Louisville is going to be among the top teams that compete successfully for the title whatever the rules are. They're going to be just fine. I really believe that.

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