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Darrell KSR

Is Jeff Goodman a North Carolina shill?

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I have to ask the question.

As akaukswoosh pointed out, he conveniently seemed to run "anonymous poll" stories last week which detracted attention away from North Carolina. He also tweeted that he was hearing from "sources" that Kentucky had been integral in talking with Trey Lyles, who had decommitted from Indiana, before he decommitted, implying a tampering kind of thing. He buffered that by including Syracuse.

Well, lo and behold, guess what school is listed as one of the two favorites, per Lyles' father? Yep, North Carolina. Lyles listed a number of teams with whom he had interest, and guess what school was *not* listed?

Yep, Kentucky.

No mention of Kentucky at all.

Meanwhile, Goodman diverts attention away from the Tar Heels' rampant academic scandal, which now appears to have been ongoing for well more than a decade, and involving hundreds of football and UNC basketball athletes, with his so-called "perceived cheaters" poll in college basketball. As Mike DeCourcy said, we don't even publish anonymous letters to the editor--yet Goodman is going to use this crap to sling mud and divert attention?

No, Jeff Goodman is not a UNC alumnus. He's either Arizona or Arizona State (I believe Arizona). But he used to write for a North Carolina fan website with regularity. Think he doesn't have some affinity for them? You bet he does.

But why would he throw Kentucky under the bus while trying to protect North Carolina?

UK fans have had thoughts that Goodman had an anti-UK bias for a long time. Remember when he said Terrence Jones wasn't one of the top 25 freshmen coming into college basketball? He went half the season as top pick for Freshman of the Year before Goodman acknowledged that his comments might not be supportable, despite every rating service on the planet having Jones in the top 10 freshmen coming into college.

And despite not admitting it for a long time, Goodman finally admitted something. He doesn't like John Calipari. According to Goodman, Calipari tried to get Goodman fired from a job he had because of some perceived issue Calipari saw with Goodman. Goodman said that it was hard to remain unbiased when a man tries to get you fired from a job.

So North Carolina shill? Kentucky basher? Or both?

You decide. I already have.

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