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Darrell KSR

Kentucky-Transylvania Series History - A 100+ year-old rivalry

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Last year prior to the UK-Transylvania game, I wrote a long series history which goes into detail about the rivalry between UK and Transylvania. Before starting I didn't think there was a lot to it but now I'm convinced that this was the most heated and contentious rivalry Kentucky has had with any school, ever.

If you're interested in ancient UK history, or even in the history of Lexington as a city, I encourage you to check it out at the following address.

UK-Transylvania All-Time Series History

Since last year I did make some additions to the page, including the text of the resolution that the Transylvania students made vowing to cease playing against their cross-town rivals. It reads as follows:

"Whereas, a portion of the students of Kentucky State University have on various occasions shown their inability to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner in connection with athletic contests between Transylvania University and Kentucky State University and have been guilty of conduct unbecoming gentlemen and

"Whereas, Transylvania University has on several occasions suffered in various ways as the result of such conduct on the part of the said portion of Kentucky State University students, and in particular as the result of the rowdyism of some of the Kentucky State University students on the night of Nov. 18, 1911, after a defeat in football, and as the result of their vandalism on the night of May 31 after a victory in baseball, when they defaced the buildings and grounds of Transylvania; showing thereby their inability to take either victory or defeat in sportsmanlike manner, and

"Whereas, the last named offense was committed after the Transylvania students, faculty and president had been assured by the Kentucky State University students, faculty and president, that such offenses would not again be committed, and

"Whereas, furthermore we consider as insulting the presumption that a money payment alone is sufficient reparation for the damage inflicted, therefore be it

"Resolved, that we, the students of Transylvania University in mass meeting assembled, hereby declare ourselves unwilling to enter into any collegiate contests in which the Kentucky State University participates until we shall be thoroughly convinced that the spirit of the whole student body of Kentucky State University will be such as to render impossible any repetition of the kind of conduct herein mentioned. And furthermore be it

"Resolved that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the President of Kentucky State University, to the President of Transylvania University, and to the Lexington and Louisvile papers."

("Transylvania Severs Relations with State" Lexington Herald June 6, 1912)

Transylvania athletes Hogan Yancey, W.B. Allison and Worth Yancey. Hogan later became the mayor of Lexington. He served as the body model for the John Hunt Morgan monument still standing in Lexington today.

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  1. Catfan73's Avatar
    Darrell, I always laugh whenever I see UL tout themselves as having been around since 1798 when there wasn't even a school there until 1813 and the one that actually became UL started in 1837. UK's history dates back to 1780 and a log cabin in Boyle County. Interesting stuff, thanks.