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The Matt's didn’t Figure to see the Josh Allen They are Now Seeing

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An almost chorus-like defensive coordinator Matt House and outside linebacker coach Matt White said they knew Allen had ability but didn’t have any idea he would be here in his college career.

“Josh is year stronger and a year smarter,” House said in describing the fourth year as opposed to the difference in the third year. House was asked did he think he had this ability? “I knew he had ability. It’s hard to predict what a guy like Josh with two in three or four years. I knew he liked to play the game.”

Brad White said Matt House has a good game plan for the game. “We got our hand on a lot of balls last week,” White said. “Josh understands it takes eleven.” House said sacks are OK “but I think Josh would tell you he’ll take winning the game over sacks.” He said they’ve got to keep the quarterback in the pocket.

Does Allen get frustrated when holding calls are missed or not called. White said – “I don’t want to make don’t want to make every offensive coordinator in the country angry. But there is holding on every play.” Josh understands that as a pass rusher and if he let every holds or chip-blocks frustrate him his is going to be just an average football player. It’s not just about sacks. It’s about making the quarterback uncomfortable and forcing him into mistakes. A good example is when Josh got a piece of Jake Bentley on the interception that Darius (West) made.

White said he did not know about Allen before he came here from the Indianapolis Colts. “You could see the talent,” said the coach. “What I like about Josh is that the things we practice and emphasis he is very coachable on. We put clips (film) together and what happens when you do and what happens when you don’t.”

Allen the coaches all talk about his versatility. They can move him around on the defense – he can drop off in coverage – he can rush the passer from various positions. But at the end of the day it’s about winning the one on ones. Mark Stoops must test his recall to come up with a better pass rusher to come up with a better player from that aspect. He said the young man is a tireless worker in the film and weight room.

Josh Allen said back in the spring that with a baby he has a family to support and no doubt that Is part of what drives his to success on the football field. He’s getting more than adequate help from Boogie Watson at the other Jack-linebacker. House said he (Watson) played his best game last week and it’s the consistency they are looking for from him. “I look up to Josh and admire his work ethic,” Watson said. “He has put the weight on and come to play everyday.”

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