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MY UK Wildcats 2013/14. A special BBN Thanks for taking us there.

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Having been asked by rival fans more or less, just what did the UK mens basketball team accomplish by being runner up to UConn in the title game? No 40/0 and no season mending national championship trophy to point to when referencing the attention you apply to a game you yourself have no actual part in? (Like they are any different)

Well, guess I can explain in my own kind of way, and I do so hope it sickens the tummy of any detractors there are out there. If but for a short time anyway, lol

All in all it's that I feel these young men endeared themselves (in all or in part) to the BBN over the course of a single season. We were priviledged to watch them grow as a group of young people in a common endeavor. And I certainly include more than just the freshman class naturally, who were more than superb themselves.

We also witnessed a couple of upperclassman prepared to come to the aid of these young guys when the situation called for it. As insignificant as it might have appeared on a time sheet or scorecard, the impact aided in a heralded level of success for this UK team.

So I think in the big picture a title or a trophy cannot do anymore to remind us of how this team came together than the images burned in our memories will for the rest of our Big Blue lives. Those same memories will last these young men a lifetime and each will be endeared to the other, and hopefully to the BBN.

And honestly, it was a special kind of season, in that the deep valleys provide everyone a point of reference when recalling the heights to which the 2013/14 UK Wildcat team finally soared.
And in some ways a title or trophy might have overshadowed the ups and downs of our mutual and emotional roller coaster ride, and subsequently made what's really important perhaps less memorable than coming just within reach of the ultimate goal.

Listen, I know I've done nothing in my life to deserve a trophy or a title in college basketball. Yet each season I seem to live and die by the effort of young men like these fine players wearing the UK colors on a never ending quest for greatness.

And now as I get older and look back I find that there are only a few NCAA titles and only a few more Final Fours...yet there are seemingly ten thousand memories I cherish, as well as the multiple hundreds of UK players that made it so. And you know what?..some have championship titles, and some do not.

But at seasons end, this group of young men just like the many others, and certainly no less, hold a special place in my heart and mind. They exposed their strengths and faults as UK players and college students to countless millions and endured the great expectations of the Big Blue Nation, and as not much more than high schoolers. They never dropped to their knees under the daunting weight we placed upon them by those same expectations.

And through it all they persevered leading a charge to college basketball's final game, and carrying that imaginary banner that millions of us can never really wave ourselves.

The following I can only say of a very few precious UK memories. There were several moments in this tourney run I found myself with tears in my eyes and laughter on my breath, both simultaniously.

That is special my friends...so very, very special. And we are ever in their debt.

David Clark
Kentucky Sports Report

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  1. Darrell KSR's Avatar
    Very much enjoyed that!
  2. jazyd's Avatar
    Well said
  3. kingcat's Avatar
    Thanks guys.