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Some Tempo-Free Quick Hitters

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Not sure any of this matters at this point, because Aaron Harrison. But here are some quick tempo-free thoughts on the tourney so far for UK, and tomorrow night's game.

--UConn's calling card is defense: they're 10th nationally in Defensive Efficiency. But from a Defensive Efficiency standpoint, this will be only the 2nd-best defense UK plays in the tourney. U of L ranks 4th nationally in DE, and UK scored 1.16 points/possession in defeating the Cardinals. Also, Wichita State ranks just behind UConn in DE, and UK scored 1.26 PPP in beating the Shockers.

--The thing about streaks is, they mean something until they don't. So it goes with the factoid that all NCAA champs in the KenPom Era (2003-present) have ended up in the Top 20 nationally in both Offensive and Defensive Efficiency. That streak ends this year. The only Final 4 team that met that criteria was Florida. UK is currently 6th nationally in Offensive Efficiency, and 37th in Defensive Efficiency. UConn is 44th in Offensive Efficiency and 10th in Defensive Efficiency.

--Speaking of KenPom, UK and UConn are as close as 2 teams could be in his ratings. UK ranks 8th, UConn ranks 9th. KenPom picks UK to win by 1 and gives UK a 51% chance of winning. Perhaps it would be better if his system picked UK to lose, considering it picked UK to lose to Wichita State, U of L, Michigan and Wisconsin.

--How good was UK's ball security last night? Unprecedented in the NCAA tourney, at least in the KenPom Era. UK turned it over on only 6.5% of its possessions. The next best NCAA tourney TO% by a UK team since 2003? 8.2% vs. IU in the 2012 Sweet 16.

--After shooting .325 from 3 in its games before the NCAA tourney, UK has shot .397 from 3 in the tourney.

--James Young's pre-NCAA tourney 3-point FG%? .341. His NCAA tourney 3-point FG%? .438.

--Aaron Harrison's pre-NCAA tourney 3-point FG%? .326. His NCAA tourney 3-point FG%? .560.

--The last UK team to win the national title, the 2012 national champs, averaged 1.17 points/possession in the NCAA tournament. So far, this UK team's averaging 1.17 points/possession. Here's hoping that's prophetic and UK wins #9 tomorrow night.

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  1. kingcat's Avatar
    Enjoyed that.
  2. Darrell KSR's Avatar
    Great stuff!