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  • UK Football Marches on Under New Direction


    The title of this article is true in the one sense, but has a look the BBN has not seen in fifteen years. The new offensive coordinator Bush Hamden brings about a new flavor to the offense. This means the meticulous, calculating brand of ball will take a different turn in the way they handle their business.

    First, he will operate from the coaches’ box and the tempo offense will operate mostly from no huddle concept. He will during the game from the coaches. Aside from the x’s and o’s, this is the main focus for the players on the field. He will be sending signals to the quarterback and the coaches on the field.

    Who are some of the standout players he is working with? He said the quarterback Brock Vandergriff is the man at the controls and Coach Hamden said he can make all the throws.

    Hamden has two veteran wide receivers Barion Brown and Dane Key. These guys are in the learning mode but have a wealth of experience in live action. They will be called on to lead the new young receivers. Who are some of those receivers. The first name that jumped out of Hamden’s mouth is Hardley Gilmore lV from Belle Glade, Florida. Barion Brown described his as a freak. The next one is Ja’Mori Macklin is a transfer form Kirkwood, Missouri.

    These guys have to respond to the offensive line as well as the next group, the running backs. The leaders that have assumed the roll as teachers on the field are Demi-sumo-Karngbayne and transfer Deamonte “Chip” Trayanum. This is a very deep room but two that jump out Jason Patterson and Hardley Gilmore.

    The coach said the Tight End group are the farthest along group. This group will be as important as any group on the field these guys will be the bell cows in the short to mid - range passing game until the other team hands us the game.

    Now speaking of bell cows, the real ones that have the bell hanging around their necks. They play off the man that controls those eighteen inches that is the centers distance from him the nose tackle.

    More to come after the Saturdays scrimmage with the coaches mostly off the field.
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    1. Darrell KSR's Avatar
      Darrell KSR -
      Lonny had some computer issues in his post; think I got them cleaned up.

      Thanks, Lonny. Excited about the team; concerned about the schedule.
    1. Catfan73's Avatar
      Catfan73 -
      Thanks Lonny!
    1. Terry Blue's Avatar
      Terry Blue -
      Good to see you posting Lonny
    1. CatQuick's Avatar
      CatQuick -
      Running mostly no huddle? Will we even recognize our offensive team this Fall?
    1. MickintheHam's Avatar
      MickintheHam -
      Quote Originally Posted by CatQuick View Post
      Running mostly no huddle? Will we even recognize our offensive team this Fall?
      It will be that way for a couple of offensive series and then Stoops will go native and tell the OC to slow it down and run the ball. We have seen and heard this show before.
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